After a few months at sea and one last stop in New Caledonia team Plastiki is making their way towards our shore - hooray!

The seas finally calmed and Plastiki was able to sail out of the harbour in New Caledonia last week. If all goes well we should see them sail in through the heads towards the end of this week. The team has made it through a rough storm over the last couple of days and there may be more rough weather ahead before they arrive safely in our harbour.

This incredible adventure has highlighted the fact that waste can be used as a resource and that plastic is having a devastating effect on our oceans and marine life. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can all make simple changes in our behaviour regarding plastic and if you look back at previous blogs I have a list of things you can do to reduce your personal use of plastic. The Plastiki is made up of 12,500 thousand reclaimed plastic bottles and you can make a pledge to say you will reduce your use of plastic’s. The expedition is collecting pledges, 12,500 thousand in fact one for every bottle used in the construction of Plastiki. All you need to do is go to and make your pledge. C’mon Australia make a commitment and show your support, show your care!

As the team heads towards our cold winter feel free to leave your warm wishes and messages for the crew here. We Australians love to see people “having a go” and this expedition is having a go for the planets ecology. I will start by sharing messages sent to David and the team by a year 4 class at St Pius X school when I was there a few weeks ago giving a talk. The class and Mrs Cranney, their teacher were very supportive of the Plastiki and its mission. Thanks for a great afternoon year 4 and Mrs Cranney.

Cameron, 10yrs
Hi David, I’ll help as much as I can to support you.

Bianca J, 9yrs
I will follow you and your crew and hope you get home safe and look at our lovely city, have fun.

Bianca S, 9yrs
Hope your plan works, have fun. I have looked up your blog and it is great. I have met your friend Parrys, she told me how to save the world. Good Luck.

Soraya, 9yrs
Dear David, I hope you are having fun travelling and my wishes will be with you to get to Sydney safely. Your idea is very inspiring to kids! You rock.

Rachel, 10yrs
I hope you get home safely and I think that helping the environment is a very good thing, well done!

Lara, 9yrs
To David, I think your plan is very useful to kids and adults. Hope you come into Sydney safe.

Emma, 10yrs
Dear David and crew you have done a great job to recycle bottles into a boat. Have a great trip to Sydney. Good job, we all count on you.

Georgia, 10yrs
I hope you are having a great time. I like how you are trying to stop pollution. I also hope you get back safely.

Kailey, 10yrs
Hi, how is your trip? I don’t use a plastic bottle.

Kiara, 10yrs
Dear David and crew, me and my family will try to help save the ocean. I will support you whatever you do. Have a safe trip.

Tiana, 9yrs
Hi! Well done with all your hard work...I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Jessica, 9yrs
Good luck and have a safe trip.

Jessica, 10 yrs
Hope you have fun.

Dominic, 9yrs
Good luck.

Thomas, 10yrs
Don’t worry the weather is going to be good in Sydney.

Amber, 10yrs
Hope you have a safe ride to Sydney.

Emma F, 10yrs
To David and crew, I hope it all goes well and you have a safe arrival.

Jayden, 10yrs
Hope you have the best of luck.

Jonathon, 10yrs
Hope you arrive safely in Sydney, keep on going.

Michaela, 10yrs
Hi David I hope get here in three weeks.

David, 9
Hope you have the best of luck. Good work.

Charlea, 10yrs
Hi my name is Charlea, I really hope you get to Sydney safely. Good luck.

Jasper, 10yrs
David, three more weeks.

Jack, 10yrs
Don’t fall out.

Chelsea, 9yrs
I hope you get back safely and I hope you had fun.

Max, 9yrs
Hello David, I hope you have a great trip to Sydney.

Reagon, 10yrs
David, hope you have a safe trip. PS Do you have T.V?

Lillia, 9yrs
Dear David I hope you get home safely to your family.

Christopher, 10yrs
I hope your trip has been good so far. Keep on going!

Klaudia, 10yrs
I hope you get back safely and I also hope you have a great time.

Flynn, 10yrs
David, hope you get to Sydney.

Ben, 10yrs
Good luck with the sailing David. Best of luck. The weather is bad at the moment.

Emily, 9yrs
Hi David, come on let’s go David, let’s go David. You can do it.

Gemma, 9yrs
David I hope you make it safely with your crew.

Meg, 9yrs
Dear David have a safe journey home.

Mackenzie, 10yrs
Good luck on the rest of your journey. PS do you have TV?

Remember ‘Habits made today will help life tomorrow’.