Today marks the middle of our cruise; it’s an important milestone to be celebrated!


24 April: Hump day happiness (Scotia Arc Expedition 2013) #1 Photographer: Greg Rouse © Australian Museum

Image: Greg Rouse
© Australian Museum

We have been working hard today, trawling many times, on the Burdwood Bank. Some catches showed beautiful corals, brightly coloured seastars and a wonderfully decorated shrimp. By tomorrow we expect the sea will be calm enough to launch our camera, and we will get a better look at the bottom.

As part of the normal working week, we also had an abandon ship drill. Everyone knows where they need to go, and the items they need to bring. Besides the important floatation suits and life vests, additions of chocolate, extra water, warm hat etc, could make the whole thing a lot more bearable if necessary.

Anyway, today’s drill was a bit special…the wonderful marine technicians had made some home-made icecream to celebrate hump day. Yummo! It was nice to have a short break and treat before hitting the decks once again.