@DrVonBraun They display things about me.

@rebel20lax Museums transport me back in time as well as hurl me into the future, it's a wonderful thing

@fcmuseum Why do I love museums? 'Cause I NEVER fail to learn something cool while in one.

@krhumphreys they're the places where history comes alive, and people find meaning - when we're all doing our best

@rowanhull Last yr I painted live to atonal music amoungst a priceless violin collection w a nervous curator looking on

@cmcnally Museums inspire conversations / debates of all sorts with your friends or strangers.

@LitLinx Hopefully, they help prevent the evil of the past from ever happening again.

@fiftytwoweeks Not just for the objects but also the people - especially the volunteers

@AwkwardBrain A museum is a shrine to learning and intwined with beauty.

@CescaMurphy The power to educate, to inspire, to engage, to enlighten, to entertain, to challenge and to help us understand the world.

@MarisaFernes because they make our communities, and our country, better places in which to live! Hooray for museums!

@artspace Because at museums, it's ok to gawk and stare in amazement (Adam)

@Travelwriticus Getting lost in a museum is much more pleasant than getting lost in a bar

@Sarah_Fellows Because they usually have the best tearooms and the most interesting shops. Cake and souvenirs are important! :)

@HenriettaHVM sheer joy at being connected to fellow human beings and the universe around us. Past and present - for the future.

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