The Henry Burrell collection contains pictures of many different kinds of animals. So far from scanning them, it includes everything ranging from birds, reptiles, amphibians, arthropods and mammals.

One of the most fascinating animals I have come across is the Tiger Quoll Dasyurus maculatus. This interesting marsupial was named Tiger Cat in the V Register of Photographs. That left me profoundly confused as they looked nothing like a tiger or a cat!!! It is a marsupial that lives around South-Eastern Australia and Tasmania. Despite its cute appearance and fluffy tail, the Tiger Quoll is an apex predator in its natural environment. Being an apex predator, it pretty much eats anything that moves (unless they are larger then them or taste bad that is). It is also the longest marsupial carnival in Australia (the Tasmanian Devil is the largest). Yet despite their fierce reputation, the Tiger Quoll is now an endangered animal.

Eastern Quoll Skin 1914
Eastern quoll skin photographed by Harry Burrell in 1914. Image: Harry Burrell
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