No selection criteria, job description, references or cvs needed:

Lord Howe Island bird xray S3.9
Xray of a bird specimen showing the metal armature. Image: James King
© Australian Museum

CADETS wanted for the Australian Museum to assist in the Taxidermist Workshop and in the Scientific Departments. Salary will be at the rate of 10s a week, but there will be the advantage of learning from the staff in the Museum. The posts are suitable for well educated lads leaving school who have passed the Junior Examination, and who have a taste for natural history. For the taxidermist' cadet some mechanical and artistic skill, and for the others at least on elementary knowledge of Latin and French or German would be desirable. Applications will be received till the 19th December. Further information, if desired, may be obtained from, and applications are to be addressed to, The Curator, Dr. E. P. RAMSAY, Australian Museum The Sydney Morning Herald, Monday, 07 December 1891, p8

Three cadets were appointed -- unfortunately all three were soon retrenched in the economic depression of 1893 when staff numbers were cut from a high of 34 to 22. Cadetships were not reinstated until 1907 when six new cadets were appointed:

AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM. Applications are invited for a Lad as ASSISTANT to the Taxidermist Age about 16. Previous knowledge of Taxidermy is not necessary, but some mechanical skill and aptitude for the art will be required. Applicants must state age, send copies of references, and indicate salary expected. Applications will received till noon on MONDAY, 20th September, addressed "The Secretary, Australian Museum". The Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday, 18 September 1909, p25