What peer-reviewed papers have been published on museums and Web 2.0?

One of my colleagues is searching for published peer-reviewed papers that address museums and Web 2.0.

The best place to start is Museums and the Web which publishes papers from their annual conferences on their website. Abstracts are reviewed by the conference committee and accepted for presentation and publiction, so there is a review process of sorts. They also do a hardcopy publication each year of selected papers.

There is also our Curator paper, Participatory Communication with Social Media , that was peer reviewed. Bliss Jensen and I have a publication in press for the next edition of the Exhibitionist, the journal of the National Association for Museum Exhibition. In his we talk about the use of social media in the exhibition development process and compare that to doing a more 'traditional' front-end evaluation.

Are there any other articles/publications that people are aware of?