This long awaited press conference was a breath of fresh air to many desperate folk holding off for the next generation iPad. For months now rumours have been circulating the web regarding the release date, many techno blogs predicting an early 2011 release of the iPad 2. And it seems they have been correct in their foresight.

When Apple first came out with this new technology many people asked the question why would I want a devise that is neither a computer nor a phone? Apple have a history of defining technology and leading the way in innovation, instead of seeing a need for something and building a devise for it, they go the opposite direction and building the devise first, leaving it to the consumer to decide how to use it.

Whispers suggest the new features the iPad2 will be boasting include, a thinner design, more powerful hardware, bigger memory, front and back facing cameras & multitasking to name a few. The iPad2 is expect to be much like what the iPhone 4 was for the iPhone 3G, very similar in operation just with more depth & of course sleeker.

So for me, an excited Apple consumer both of the fruit and hardware I am very excited and stayed up on the 2nd of March to watch the live broadcast. But, until the iPad is launched here, my MacBook, iPhone and iPod will have to make do.