A long, long time ago in a suburb far, far away I worked in a bookshop. Sadly, that bookshop has something in common with many of the species studied here at the Museum: it's extinct.

Before it died, though, one of it's most popular areas was the Staff Picks section where readers, overwhelmed by the thousands of titles we had in-store, could see recommendations from people whose job it was to read.

Well, there's an awful lot more to read (watch and listen to) on the internet than there is in a bookshop so perhaps you'd like some links from people whose job is to be on the web (especially museum sites).

With this in mind, I bring you Linkasaurus - a (hopefully) regular blog post you can click on when you don’t know what you want to click on. Here goes...

Museum Victoria’s Field Guide app
No angry birds here.

Google launches its Art Project
A partnership with 17 museums from Europe and the U.S.

Senior Netizens
How people over the age of 60 use information and communication technologies (ICT).

Browser Wars
Three new updates are being released. Hey, you're not still on IE6 are you?

Using phones, but not to talk
It seems we'd rather app than chat.

Jurassic Lounge on the Today Show
Our very own dino disco.

Outlook Plugin stops passive agressive emails
And has a great name: ToneCheck.

Alien Ant Farm
Watch what happens after scientists pour concrete into an (abandoned) ant hill for 3 days.