Socialising, customising and cat-ifying museums... a round-up of recent web and tech news.

Social Sharing
A great article urging cultural institutions to remember that social media activity should be focussed on looking for opportunities to get others talking about you.

Getty museum gets Google-Goggled
Getty-goers with the Google Goggles app can now point their phone at any painting to instantly access mobile-optimized versions of the work.

BBC Two's 'The Code' - a transmedia experience
An interactive 'basic maths principles' challenge has been integrated into the show with puzzles presented through syndicated Flash games, the TV series itself, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and iPlayer.

Rituals of Feedback: Birds of Paradise
A collection of comments from our current temporary exhibition.

Smartphones Dominate U.S. Mobile Purchases
An article on recent phone stats, including this one: "55 percent of U.S. mobile phone purchases over the last three months were smartphones."

First Look: Google+ and Minuses
An early review of google's new 'facebook fighter'.

Battle of the App Stores
A review of different app stores because, after all, your tablet or smartphone is "only as good as the apps it runs".

Epic photoshop fail
Is this the worst photo-fakery ever?