Can museums make cities smarter? Can iPads make meetings better? And can climate scientists rap? Linkasaurus is back, everyone...

Understanding Museums
This web publication, Understanding Museums: Australian Museums and Museology, focuses on the changes that have taken place in Australian museums of all kinds since the 1970s.”

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here!
A science dialogue event where school students talk to real scientists online for two weeks... in the form of an Australian Idol meets Masterchef-style competition between scientists...’

The internet is a pile of rubbish
Fast company reports on FabFi - a project creating Internet networks from junk in eastern Afghanistan.

Pulp, Non-Fiction
The British Library has “now entered into an unprecedented deal with Google to bring 250,000 other publications to Google Books...”

5 Tips That Make Your Meetings iPad-Friendly
Tip 0: Don’t bring pen and paper.

Global mobile research on the smartphone user and the mobile marketer
Businesses seem to be lagging behind the consumer in terms of use and support of
mobile marketing which represents a significant opportunity.”

The infamous “I’m a climate scientist” music video
In case you missed it on ABC’s Hungry Beast (or Youtube), here’s how that great video and was made.

Online galleries - so many photos, so little time
What can galleries do online that no-one else can? It seems curation might be the answer to sorting through the overwhelming number of words and images being put online every single day.

Smithsonian Wants George Clinton’s Funk
A little bit of Friday fun.