Too much data to analyse?
There are citizen scientists out there willing to help. This article explores the motivations of individuals who take part in crowd-sourced research projects such as Solar Stormwatch and Old Weather among others.

Video: What’s the point of a museum website?
Koven J. Smith, the Director of Technology at the Denver Art Museum, asks a very interesting question.

Transformations in Cultural Communication Conference
Notes from the recent conference in Melbourne that sought to bring together leading researchers and professionals to explore how social media can engage diverse audiences.

An Anzac Day gallery
An online collection of Word War I photos from some of Museum Victoria's history and technology curators.

The NY Times on how supercomputers are altering science
The Californian Academy of Sciences’ “planetarium show is a visually spectacular demonstration of the way computer power is transforming the sciences, giving scientists tools as important to current research as the microscope and telescope were to earlier scientists.”

MoMath - a museum dedicated to mathematics
A former hedge-fund quantitative analyst is betting he can make maths more interesting with this formula: maths = discovery = beauty = fun.

The Museums and the Web Conference top 5 has listed their major ‘takeways’ from this year’s conference. My personal favourite? #5: Don’t be afraid of failure.

A year later: the Gulf Oil Spill
The National Museum of Natural History's has a variety of online resources that detail the effects of the disaster

Cars too small? Try museums in a truck
“There is no better way to reach underserved audiences than to drive directly to them.”

And because it’s the day of the Royal Wedding... is Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa’s collection of photographs of New Zealand wedding fashions over the last 100 years. It provides a record of how “society has changed, revealing patterns of migration, and what is unique to New Zealand”.