41 ways museums are merging social and tech to engage audiences
A great list from a great blog about museums.

The Oxford Dictionary now has heart
A new edition of the dictionary will include the neologisms ‘OMG’,’LOL’ and even ‘<3’.

Where are museums going?
Museums now operate across three spheres: their physical site; online (via websites and social media) and in the mobile world. Lynda Kelly asks how each of these spheres intersect.

The Google Books deal is still alive
Google’s dream of an online library of 10 million books might still happen.

Dinner? Drinks? A movie?
The Metropolitan Museum of Art tells us why your next date should be at a museum.

Nobody needs an iPad
So why have 15 million of us bought them?

Navigate a museum’s entire collection
The BSU Museum of Art Collection Portal is a touch-based application designed to allow visitors to navigate what is and what isn’t currently on display.

Melding mind and machine
Brain-computer interfaces could soon be science-reality, not science-fiction.

Edu 2.0
Web tools for educators to use.