The Archives and Records unit here holds records which document the people, research, events, objects and buildings, capturing the institutional memory and contributions of the Australian Museum to the world.

Our diverse collections include physical objects, records on paper, maps, photographs, sounds, movies, websites and other digital records. The archive not only helps to preserve our cultural heritage but provides a rich source of research and educational material for the public.

The Australian Museum’s small team of archivists and recordkeepers manages the upkeep of physical collections through careful, safe and environmentally-controlled storage conditions. We also use a range of technologies to maintain databases and digital stores of records.

For example, our collections database, EMu, holds information on 55,490 items (and counting). TRIM, our records management database, holds administrative information which currently totals 24,574 files.

We’re working to unlock access to many more archives and records in order to benefit the public, in Australia and around the world. As well as rattling your keys to commemorate International Archives Day with us on June 9, add your voice to the global effort to save the archives, tweet #savearchives.