Well, probably yes which is why I've been asked to run a mini-workshop on this stuff at the Museum Shops Association 2010 Conference on 9 September. If I was a museum shop manager what would I need to know about social media and Web 2.0? Find some answers and other resources on this page

Roar like a dinosaur!
Roar like a dinosaur! Image: Carl Bento
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This session will be a shameless repeat/amalgamation of some sessions I have given before. First, from a paper I gave at the 2010 Australian Maritime Museums Annual Conference called Web 2.0 for small and volunteer museums, and the second from the George Brown Goode Memorial Lecture at the Smithsonian (talk titled How Web 2.0 is Changing the Nature of Museum Work).

Other resources:

Oh, and you're gonna vote for one of our Birds of Paradise exhibiton titles so that should be a hoot.

If you have any further questions, ideas or feedback please post them here for all to see and comment on.

Best of luck shop folk. I will be looking with interest about where you take this stuff.