The Australian Museum's voluteer-powered digitisation program DigiVol hosted its five-year celebration on Monday 9 May under the whale in Wild Planet with many sponsors, colleagues, staff and volunteers attending.

Wild Planet was a wonderful venue to enjoy drinks, canapes and heartfelt speeches given by Kim McKay and Rebecca Johnson expressing their appreciation of the DigiVol project and its extraordinary volunteers.

Tracey Steggall, a DigiVol sponsor did an outstanding job in helping Kim to hand out certificates of appreciation to 27 volunteers who had volunteered for three years, five years and completed significant transcription milestones.

DigiVols with five-year certificates of appreciation
DigiVols with five-year certificates of appreciation Image: Ron Lovatt
© Ron Lovatt

List of DigiVol volunteers receiving a Certificate of Appreciation

3 year Certificate of Appreciation
Alanah Kazlauskas
Alex Palmer
Amelia Wong
Angela McCartney
Cynthia Rodrigo
Geoffrey Berry
Karen Kuan
Susan Dietrich
William Wong
Yolande Lebreux
Aleit Woodward
Si-Wan Loong

5 year Certificate of Appreciation
Anne Brophy
Bettina Orellana
Chantelle Sammut
Gae Mulvogue
Judy Bonner
Karen Shore
Linda Mott
Louise Ledwich
Maret Vesk
Megan Edey
Ron Lovatt
Wendy Greenfield
Wendy Kesterton

DigiVol Online volunteers and their milestones
Geoffrey Berry 10,000 tasks
Megan Edey 70,000 tasks