DigiVol volunteers
DigiVol volunteers Image: Australian Museum
© Australian Museum

DigiVol volunteers wearing their new colourful T shirts.

DigiVol has been up and running for almost 2 years now and during that time we have gathered a steady core of enthusiastic volunteers who bring alive the digitisation lab with a mixture of skill, diligence, conversation and laughter.

This year, DigiVol volunteers are now more easily identified by their new dress code. Although it is not obligatory for volunteers to wear our new T shirt, it is very popular due to its cool design which displays our unique work. Our very own Museum Design team managed this for us from concept stage to delivery.

You may have noticed staff and volunteers wearing the brightly coloured black DigiVol T shirts, especially when the volunteers escape en mass from the lab to find some sustenance in the café before commencing the next wave of digitising specimens or archival materials.

An unforseen but obvious benefit for the DigiVol T shirt wearer is the ease with which Museum staff quickly provide them with swipe cards, café discounts and book store discounts without having to utter a word. After all, it is a big call to ask Museum staff to remember almost 70 DigiVol volunteer faces in addition to all of the other Museum volunteers.
The volunteers now seem to have a stronger sense of being a part of the Australian Museum by wearing their clearly identifiable Museum T shirt.

So, if you come across one or more of the DigiVol T shirt clad volunteers, please chat with them if you would like to find out more about what we do in DigiVol.