Newly digitised Kodachrome slides of spiders #1
Newly digitised Kodachrome slides of spiders Image: Digivol
© Australian Museum

Check out some of the beautiful images of the AM arachnology slide collection scanned by DigiVol volunteers.

The DigiVol blog series features stories about our Volunteer digitisation program that includes the DigiVol lab and DigiVol Online.

Graham Milledge, Collection Manager of Arachnology, is the custodian of a large, 40-year-old collection of Kodachrome slides of spiders.

Taken around the 1970s, Graham says that, 'The slide collection is mainly Australian spiders and covers most of the families known to occur in Australia. Dr Mike Gray, AM Arachnology Research Scientist (retired) and Ramon Mascord, an amateur arachnologist and photographer, are the main contributors of this comprehensive slide collection. Ramon published two popular books on Australian spiders in 1970 & 1980.’

Newly digitised Kodachrome slides of spiders #2
Clockwise from top-left: Deinopis subrufa, Poecilopachys australasia, Zygometis xanthogaster, Deinopis subrufa. Image: Digivol
© Australian Museum