Megan is the first virtual volunteer on the DigiVol portal (formerly Biodiversity Volunteer Portal, BVP) to transcribe 16,000 records.

We have a large number of specimens that need to be electronically documented to assist scientists and others to learn more about the Earth’s biodiversity. Our Digivol (Volunteer Digitisation Project) helpers not only gain valuable training, but are part of a social network where they meet and work with other volunteers, museum staff and scientists.

Megan provides some insight into what motivates her to be such an active volunteer:

“I have been a member of the Museum for years and responded to an email for volunteers in DigiVol. I love being in the Museum and being able to do photography. As well as photographing some of the Collections in DigiVol, I became interested in transcribing the labels and archival material we had imaged. I joined the Biodiversity Volunteer Portal (BVP) and began transcribing at home in my free time."

“Initially, I was transcribing most days and then daily, when I was asked to validate records. I enjoy doing this immensely as I find it an ongoing challenge to read scientists often difficult writing and learning more about their lives. During 2013, I have validated many of the Edgar R Waite’s fascinating diaries which I have found to be really interesting to learn all about his life story.”

“It took two years to transcribe 10,000 records on BVP and another four months, to reach 16,000 records. This was personally very exciting and is very much appreciated by the Museum.”