Greystanes High School attended the Youth Eco Summit to promote awareness of water quality in local creeks

Greystanes High school at the Youth Eco Summit
Greystanes High school at the Youth Eco Summit Image: Natasha Bofinger
© Greystanes High school

We were very proud to see Greystanes High school at the Youth Eco Summit. The students did a wonderful presentation about their campaign promoting sustainability and water pollution awareness. Using their streamwatch data and the skills they had learnt through involvement in the program they raised awareness of the water quality in their local creek and the importance of having clean waterways.

They produced some excellent videos and a social media campaign informing the local community about the water quality of their local creeks. Their social media campaign is an excellent example of what can be achieved by a small group of committed people to inform and promote action in their local community.

The Streamwatch team attends the Youth Eco Summit each year and we love finding out about the amazing projects students are undertaking.

Schools can borrow the Freshwater or Catchments: Water for Living Museum in a Box® to investigate their local waterway.