We have spent the last 5 months working with Sydney Water on the transition phase of the project. We had training on the equipment and website, meetings with some of the dedicated volunteer groups and sorted out all the equipment and resources.

All this work cumulated with a welcome function at the Australian Museum last Saturday. Almost 50 Streamwatch volunteers attended the event to meet the new Streamwatch team and learn about why the Australian Museum is excited about taking on this fantastic program from Sydney Water.

This is the first of quarterly functions we plan to have across Sydney with the Streamwatch volunteers. We hope to create a greater sense of community and collaboration for groups across Sydney.

I manage the Museum Outreach team and with Greg MacDonald the Streamwatch Project officer we bring a wealth of experience in water monitoring and citizen science projects to the Streamwatch program.

We look forward to participating in many environmental events around Sydney and hope to be involved in a project near you.

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The Streamwatch program is supported by Sydney Water