Last week we sent out a survey to people who came to the first season of Jurassic Lounge and had nearly a thousand responses!

This is what some of you had to say about why you came:

It sounded like a really interesting and fun event. Also, it's nice to be able to go out in the City at night to somewhere other than a bar or restaurant.
Hadn't been since school so thought it would be a good experience went the first time with one friend had a blast so organise a different group of friends to come each of the other times.
Museums for me are like a drug for my mind, and the idea of the Jurassic lounge combine both my interests with my e joyment to catch up with mates, have a glass of wine and a boogie.

it seemed hip, im so sick of boring clubs that r all the same. live music was cool.
Curios to see exactly what the hype was (a lot of people were talking about it). Something to do on a Tuesday night. Also, hadn't visited the Museum since a year 12 excursion three years ago so it was about time, really.
A friend told me about it and it sounded awesome. I am a biologist at UNSW and also like a social drink. Jurassic Lounge is right up my alley. Love the silent disco, live music, bar and science all in one!
It is such a fantastic idea to keep the city "open" till later in the evening. And the event line up was good and tickets were very affordable. It was also a good alternative to a pub.
It seemed like an excellent combination of culture and weekday evening activity, something Sydney is really missing. It was well-priced, amazing location, and perfect for the under 40s.
It seemed like a really great concept. Plus the idea of spending time in a museum after hours feels a little bit naughty...
Sounded like an interesting concept and something fun to do in the art/museum world. Sydney doesn't have enough events like this!
Was curious to see what a nightclub inside a museum would be like. Came back because it was brilliant.
Because it's a cool idea and a nice way to spend a night out with nice people not f*ckwits !
The museum was a very different place after hours. It was great! I was really interested in the silent disco, and the live music, and it was so good to be able to look around the museum with a drink in hand. It was the first time I'd been there without associating the experience with some sort of school-like endeavour.
Adds a funky element to viewing the Museum contents. I'm very time-short and this combines social time (seeing friends) with the bar scene with music with culture/history. Lots of boxes ticked by one evening.
I'd heard from a friend that it was a great night, and the idea of seeing the exhibits at night in a social atmosphere really appealed to me. I never have the time to visit during the week (full time work) and always have too many commitments at the weekend, so it's really the best opportunity I'm likely to get to view the collection in a way that's fun and engaging.
I thought it sounded like a brilliant way for some who hates guided tours and has a fairly short attention span to explore the museum and exhibitions in a lively environment with music and a couple of drinks! I was new to Sydney so it was a good way to socalise and i actually ended up getting a girls number in the silent disco. Solid evening all round!
I was taken on a date by my lovely boyfriend to J Lounge - it was great!
Sounded like something different and modern, i liked the idea of local acts having the chance to perform somewhere historic... there arent enough venues that have the space to put on live performance so this is something special
Its a great idea, and made the Museum a cool place to be after hours. I was also attracted by the selection of acts, and the fact that it wasn't the same experience every time - different is good.
Sounded like an awesome idea and a far more interesting way to experience the museum. Make it more of a relaxed experience and something that is more social. Also - I really like the museum but because I work full time my weekends end up feeling sacred. I get caught up in house work and hangovers so using one of my school nights to go and take a look at dino bones (and at the same time catch up with friends and grab a drink) is perfect! It makes it a much more accessible destination to actually get to.
I was interested in seeing the exhibition on Birds of Paradise, having had a recent holiday in West Papua. I work nearby and thought the after hours option was best, and that Jurassic Lounge sounded interesting - it was! It is extremely well run: it was like being in an extremely funky small bar - surrounded by djs, performance artists, stuffed animals and fossils - most small bars would kill for that kind of atmosphere! Looking at the exhibit whilst sipping wine (very good bar choices, btw) and listening to pumping music was great! I was very impressed and looking foward to another visit!
I love the Australian Museum but always have to come with kids. It was the perferct way to enjoy it without having to run to the loo or buy hot chips or explain for the fifty-millionth time why the skeleton was sitting in a rocking chair! Plus I love a drink, good company and slightly left of centre performance/art. p.s. the silent disco was a killer...
I just wanted a change to my tuesday nights. There really isn't that much exciting and fun things to do in Sydney and I'm really over clubbing. Here you can grab a drink, talk, walk, dance a really fun social connection. It isn't loud, you can hear what your friends are saying. I also like seeing the museum, a part of history can make you think more about your life now. And best of all you don't have to wear heels.
Something different to do- I love nature and the Museum and music and it's great to get out in Sydney and do something funky and unique- not the same old pub, clubss and movies. I also like to support good initiatives to make Sydney a more interesting a cultural place ot live, I love this museum so much and I actually do try to go often but as a studnet it's not always the easiest to afford. When you combine live music and a free drink with entry into the museum how can I resist?!!
Sydney needs novel, quirky nighttime events to liven up the scene, enrich the culture, and allow people to have some simple fun. I just wanted to support and partake in that.
It sounded like a great idea, lots of people were talking about it. I had read pieces in the newspaper, and twitter was all a flutter with excitement. It sounded like a brilliant idea, and as a fan of both alcohol and dinosaurs, it seemed like a great night out.
It sounded like a great alternative to the stale Merivale-ruled mid-week bar life in Sydney. Sydney needs more nights like this that use available spaces in an innovative way and attract punters to venues they hadn't thought to socialize in before. It was sensational and made me very proud of my city.
i come to the museum regularly but at night is an adventure, has a different feel to visiting the museum in the day, sort of creepy.
Museums should be open after hours. It fits with the lifestyles of people who like museums.
I love everything about it, I use to come to the museum when I went to school, and I bring my children on the holidays even for the light show, and now I can come to the museum and enjoy the music and the relaxing atmosphere I love it so much I'm a member. :)
Sydney doesn't have many awesome after hours events but this sounded incredible - like a grownup Night At The Museum!
I went for nerdy fun, education and alcohol mixed together. I went cos it sounded like the coolest concept I've heard of in ages.
The initial publicity caught my eye and after the first visit I was hooked! I enjoy seeing the museum and all that that means, in a very different light.
The live music, lighting, interactive features and the energy that the crowd brought are all highly addictive - it became a regular feature of my weekly social calendar and I've been missing it since the season closed. Jurassic Lounge makes geek chic very, very cool again!
Something to do on a week night that does not necessarily involve avoiding sleazy guys. Also very interesting concept! Just had to check it out for myself.
It sounded like something very different to the ordinary! Much more interesting than other weeknight activities... To be perfectly honest, I had the idea in my head that museums were incredibly boring places... until I got there and the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition was on, and the insects, and dinosaurs.... EVERYTHING! I couldn't have been more wrong.
Apart from the obligatory sherry with your gran at Christmas where else can you have a drink with a dinosaur?!

After going through the results it sounds like you all had a great time. Season 2 kicks off on August 2nd; keep an eye here or on the Jurassic Lounge website, our twitter feeds and on Facebook for more details as they come. See you in a few weeks!