The Museum developed and hosted the Body Art exhibition in 2000 and 2002. We undertook several visitor surveys and here’s some of what visitors' had to say.

  • An interesting display of historical & contemporary cultural & personal body ornamentation-more global examples would add to exhibition.
  • Not too shocking although the buzz of the tattoo gun brought back memories.
  • I think that some stuff is gross and they are freaks.
  • There is a difference between body markings for traditional ceremonial business & just putting your girlfriend/boyfriends name on your body!! This exhibition needs to clarify that.
  • Thought that someone was actually getting a tattoo and brought back memories. I liked it, could have a little more though, but it was still very good.
  • Great - lovely pictures, great photography, could have been a lot bigger, great quotes & videos. Very enjoyable. Thank You.
  • Quite interesting & disturbing at the same time.
  • Disgusting practice, then and now.
  • I loved it and I have implants.
  • I think it is terrible & it should be banned. How can anyone think piercing your face in various places is nice? Its OK on the ears, but you start looking a little silly.
  • We think its very interesting but painful. You'd have to be very strong to get it done
  • Fantastic exhibition. Extremely interesting & thoughtfully created - Top stuff.
  • Always like it, still do...its amazing. Seeing the history side changed my perspective too massive.
  • You’ve made me more determined than ever to defy my parents and get my tongue pierced.
  • Limited info on tattooing but extremely interesting and full of ideas that one may undergo.
  • Now we are fascinated in the procedure of body art. Your exhibition has encouraged us to look at future exhibitions. We are also interested in the cosmetic surgery department and are looking forward to having our own experience with this technology. Thanks.
  • The body piercing was fabulous it really opens the eyes of younger people to what they are getting themselves into.

Quite a mixed bag I think. Overall visitors' found the exhibition thought provoking and interesting and were glad that the Museum put it on. More about the exhibition can be found on our Body Art website.