Found: a young artist in the Birds of Paradise crowd.  

The Birds of Paradise exhibition opened with an explosion of sound, colour and movement last Thursday. Almost hidden in the crowd of visitors, Museum members, staff and media was 11-year-old Brock, busily sketching our all-drumming, all-dancing, all-colours-of-the-rainbow guests: the Huli Dancers of the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Judging from the photos below, the Huli Dancers appeared more than happy to pose for Brock and he, in turn, was more than happy to pose for our photographer Carl Bento.

Amazing to think that one of the youngest people at the opening was using one of the oldest forms of ‘image capture technology’ we have: the pencil and paper. And what a wonderful and personal way to preserve your museum memories it is.

So on your next visit to the museum, think about taking a leaf out of Brock’s (sketch) book and bring a pad and pen with you. The Huli Dancers won’t be here (well, unless you catch them on the big screen inside Birds of Paradise), but our dinosaurs, gemstones, skeletons and many other fascinating exhibitions will.

Budding artists of all ages are welcome here!