The Audience Research Unit has been evaluating the Museum's Science in the City program since 2001. Feedback is always good and here's an example of a satisfied customer from 2009:

"Congratulations on organising a great day. Our children had a fantastic time at Science in the City today. They came home talking about bits and pieces of things they had learned during the day.
We were very impressed by the CSIRO presenter, Leanne. She explained things very clearly and showed interest in the children's questions. She was very knowledgeable and we were impressed by her ability to answer the many varied questions that the children posed. She sparked a lot of interest in space and her talk generated a lot of discussion over lunch. This was probably the best CSIRO presentation I have been to over the years."

Science in the city 2011
documentation of Science in the City 2011 Image: Carl Bento
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"Melissa, who presented Volcanic Eruptions was also wonderful. The children enjoyed her presentation and learned a lot of new things. Her presentation was interesting and the children enjoyed participating in the various "hands on" parts of the talk. Her volcanic explosion at the end was a highlight of the presentation. Her use of the Smartboard engaged the children and helped them to better understand what she was talking about".

"The children also enjoyed the expo. They spent alot of time looking through microscopes and learning about the various things that the exhibitors had to show them. The previous expo I had attended was inside the Museum and it was quite cramped. This year's venue was great as there was lots of room. I also liked the fact that there was someone at each exhibition that could talk to the children about whatever was there."