This project has been an ideal challenge for me because I love maps, puzzles and painting.

All the information I’ve needed has come from two dimensional maps. Translating that information into a three-dimensional illusion on a spherical surface (and making sure that it’s not overly exaggerated) has been all-consuming.

I won’t have the time to paint every detail – the ocean floor is so vast and complicated, with at least 100 000 seamounts alone (and time is limited when you’re preparing for an exhibition). But the main details are all there: the trenches, ridges, basins and continental masses.

On a side note, it is now known that James Cameron is going to beat Richard Branson to the bottom of the Marianas Trench. Cameron is going down in a matter of weeks with bait and pressurised cylinders to bring to the surface what they lure in… a real deep sea fishing expedition - lucky for National Geographic!

Deep Oceans globe progress