Twitter is a great tool for instant feedback - both good and bad! Here are some of last night's tweets from the #jurrasiclounge hashtag:

@missiexox The jurassic lounge was so much fun! Alcohol was good, band sounded amazing, dj was cool and the dinosaurs were freaking awesome!

@purple_cath Went to Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum, a great night

@paigediamond1 Forgot how much I love the Australian Museum! Even better at night with a glass of wine in hand!

@pierre_s Getting pissed at the Australian museum - I thought I'd never say that...

@artech05 @australianmuseum jurassic lounge. One of oldest of 1100 people here. So proud.

@Neek_Industries Jurassic Lounge line... ridiculous!

@skygirrl Just smelt stick insect (Phasmid) poo. Like eucalyptus. How often so you get to say that in the city?

@jessjohan28 Silent disco-ing at the Australian Museum! Lol

@kktg Thx #jurassiclounge for rad eve w all the treasures & good folk @ the museum. Glad to meet such nice stick insects & argue birds of paradise

@suzyjacobs What's with the queue outside Australian museum on college st ? Any ideas

@AngelaDorizas Loved #JurassicLounge. I've never seen so many Gen X & Y queuing up to get into Aust Museum!

@kymtje Tonight I stroked a python, smooched a diprotodon and snorgled a Goliath stick insect. Epic amount of awesome.

@hellocarmel Going through Hyde Park after #jurassiclounge OH: Look there's a possum. Hey we've just seen your skeleton! And your brother, who's extinct!

@msjuju8 Just home from #jurassiclounge - what an awesome, fantastic night at the museum! :-)

@meatpig I silent discoed like a crazy monkey at #jurassiclounge tonight.

@amyariel It's super fascinating looking at the mammal bones- bats kinda have long fingers in their wings

Go to the Jurassic Lounge website for more, including their guest blogger of the week - yet again another way to use social media for evaluation.

Can't wait for the next JLounge!