This week, CEO and Executive Director Kim McKay speaks with Creative Producer Keren Ruki about the significance of the Pacific Collections.

Keren Ruki
Keren Ruki with Kim McKay during a recording of the Amplify podcast. Image: Megan Lawrence
© Australian Museum

Containing 60,000 objects, including 270 ethnographic items that Cook and Banks collected on their final voyage through the Pacific, the AM's Pacific collection is one of the most significant in the world.

With her team, Keren Ruki documents, conserves and curates these objects, engaging local Pacific community groups and educating Museum visitors.

“They’re really important historical pieces and they help us to contextualise the contemporary pieces as well. Showing that continuum of culture is really important – that the collections are still important, that we still make these objects, and they still hold the spirit of our ancestors and our present day community as well, they’re imbued with the energy of our ancestors.” Keren Ruki

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