• Audience
    Primary school, Secondary school
  • Learning area
    English, Creative Arts, First Nations
  • Type
    Self-led, Teaching resources

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This resource addresses confronting topics and is recommended for students 8+.

Writing poetry is a process that can heal, reveal, or clarify thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

This activity book has been designed to deepen your engagement with Unsettled as you look, listen, and reflect. Be inspired by the poems of First Nations artists that respond to the themes in this powerful exhibition, then use the prompts and activities to create your own poems.

*This resource may contain names and images of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

NSW curriculum links: EN2-8B; EN3-5B; EN4-1A, EN4-2A, EN4-3B; EN5-2A, EN5-3B.

ACARA links: UnT9, UnT10, UnT11.

  • Pen or pencil
  • Clipboard or something to help you write down your observations
  • Power through poetry activity book

Download and print the Power through Poetry activity book. When you arrive at the Museum, head to Unsettled and get started. If you are working through the booklet from home or in your classroom, you can learn more about the poets in this booklet and listen to these poems read in language here.

For more information about the poets and poems in this booklet, visit Red Room Poetry and explore their through workshops and curriculum-aligned resources.

Developed in Partnership with Red Room Poetry