• Audience
    Children and families, Early years, Primary school, Secondary school, Tertiary
  • Learning area
    Climate change, Creative Arts, Geography, History, Pasifika
  • Type
    Teaching resources, Self-led

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Delve into the ties Pasifika peoples have with the past, each other and the environment, in this new permanent exhibition. Wansolmoana – meaning One Salt Ocean – reflects the cultural significance of the immense body of water that connects the islands and people across the Pacific region. It blends the wisdom of Ancestors with the voices of the present to ensure a vibrant legacy for future generations.

Curated by the Australian Museum’s Pasifika staff and cultural knowledge holders in Australia and from around the Pacific, this new permanent exhibition celebrates the complex, varied and dynamic cultures and languages of today's Pasifika peoples.

Connect – When choosing an artwork or object, encourage students to look closely at its main features.

Share – Students are encouraged to share and discuss their ideas through meaningful conversation.

Reflect – Through whole group discussion, students can reflect on their findings and experiences.

How to use

Begin by gathering your students in an clear space within the exhibition. Explain and distribute or access the conversation starters in a way that is appropriate for your group. Conclude where you began, giving students the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences.

Time needed: Approximately 3-5 minutes per card.

Click and print

Download and print the conversation starters PDF before you visit the Museum. They can be used as they are or cut up and distributed amongst your group. The cards can be done in any order, and students can work individually or in small groups. No pens or pencils are needed.


Tap and swipe

Tap on an image below and use your mobile device to swipe through the questions and prompts.

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