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Available 1 April to 31 May 2022

My name is Vincenzo, Australian citizen permanently based in Brisbane. I am taking a long break from my work. I would like to volunteer for a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 weeks.

I am qualified, physically capable and would like to volunteering in Lizard Island as a boat handler, dive assistant (anything related to diving), research assistant outdoors/indoors or extra hand outdoors/indoors.

I am a JCU BSc with Hons (Fisheries & Reef Ecology) and a UQ MAB graduate. I work following the UQ workplace std's and code of conduct.. I am active on the AIMS and UQ dive register and hold the following current certifications:

  • PADI Nitrox Instructor,
  • HLTAID009 / 011 / 015,
  • Medical AS2299,
  • AMSA VHF radio license,
  • QLD RDML recreational boat license,
  • QLD TAFE Master V and MED II,
  • Reef check Fish ID,
  • UQ Carbon Literacy Program,

I am mentally and physically fit, non-smoking, hold a clean criminal record, I rarely drink alcohol. I take no medicines and to the best of my knowledge I have not known medical conditions.

Motivation: a desire to return to Lizard Island station offering my senior dive / marine skills and experience, as well as to enjoy the island, the people and scuba diving.

I do enjoy snorkelling, diving, walking early mornings on the beach, reading books, volleyball as well as cooking / sharing with friends & colleagues. I am a people person and I do speak 5 languages including English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Registered 18 February 2022

Available July 2021 to December 2022

My name is Matthew and I am currently a Biology Bsc (Hons) student studying at the University of Bath. On graduating I hope to spend several years travelling, completing my dive instructor and tech diving qualifications and volunteering to gain experience in marine conservation. Within this period I would welcome the opportunity to apply my scientific skills gained at university (predicted 2.1) to such field leading research projects carried out at LIRS.

I am a qualified PADI dive-master with a 100+ dives at the point (March 2020). These cover a variety of locations and conditions including Egypt, Oman, Thailand, Sardinia (cave diving) and Gili Trawangan, Indonesia where I carried out my dive-master training. If accepted onto a research project I will complete all necessary preliminary requirements prior to my arrival including an AS2299 diving medical in Australia and also ensure my CPR training and emergency oxygen provider training are up to date.

It has always been a dream of mine to dive the GBR and now more than ever with the increasing threat of coral bleaching occurring. However, on watching the well renowned documentary 'Chasing coral’ some years ago this dream has since changed to not just dive the reef but be a part of the movement to save it. I believe this work will be the first step on that journey.

In regard to field experience, I currently have little except what I learnt through the dive-master programme. However, gaining this is to be a priority in the early stages of my travels. I have already researched/contacted a number of organisations ahead of time an example being the Gili Ecotrust, who run a Boirocks project of Gili Trawangan which I am told I could become involved with.

More specific to my aptitude to island life, through my time in the army cadet force in school I have learnt not to be fussy and to deal with uncomfortable living conditions, thus am perfectly competent working in strenuous environments that others may have issue with. Furthermore, through this experience I have learnt discipline and organisation, which would be essential in such an environment, not only to ensure efficient use of time but also reduce irritation to co-researchers in the intense living conditions. I also have experience working in kitchens and the catering industry and could offer these skills to the research team during our stay. I do not smoke and am an easy going and communicative individual. Registered 10 March 2020