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Available summer 2022/23

My name is Michael, I am a young worker, 28 years old, born and bred in Brisbane. I have volunteered with a 5 star PADI IDC centre in Santorini last year where I became a DM in the Summer over 8 months. In the winter I completed a volunteering olive harvest, bottling and packaging premium organic olive oil and associated products with a local Agricultural Estate for 6 months. I featured in the travel documentary ERT FLIX show during this time which was a great success.

I would be interested in assisting you at the Dive Centre via Volunteering services. I have previously worked in 5* PADI Dive Centres in Australia and overseas, whilst completing qualifications up to Divemaster. I'm available from the beginning of December 2022 till the end of January 2023 and will be able to travel to your centre quite easily due to already being based in QLD.

I have:

  • Divemaster #516817 (2021, Europe)
  • 400+ dives (Various, mostly Mediterranean)
  • DSD Leader (2021, Europe)
  • Deep Dive Qualified (40m) (2021, Europe)
  • First Aid Certificate Qualification, DAN Insurance (2021, Europe)
  • Rescue Diver PADI Certification (2012, Australia)
  • Advanced Open Water PADI Certification (2012, Australia)
  • Open Water PADI Certification (2012, Australia)
  • The ability to work 7 days a week (healthy, fit)
  • Driving Licence AUS
  • Boat & Jet Ski Licence (Expired)
  • QUT Bachelor graduate, UK Project Management graduate
  • Native English Speaker, Basic Greek
  • Passionate, Disciplined, Interested

I’m looking for:

  • Summer 2022 Volunteering Opportunity
  • 7 days per week, up to approximately 8 weeks
  • Included standard accommodation (shared is fine)
  • Meals would be appreciated (no requirements)

The reason I would like to volunteer at Lizard Island is because ever since I have always loved our backyard of the Great Barrier Reef, am a passionate Divemaster, I wanted to study marine biology and I am passionate about our ecosystem and sustainability of the reef and would like to learn more.

If accepted into a research team, I will obtain an AS 2299 dive medical in Australia prior to the trip and I will obtain training and certification in first aid and medical oxygen administration as required.

Please see testimonials via TripAdvisor and search for 'Mike': Registered 12 August 2022

Available February to August 2023

Greetings! My name is Rose and I'm from Maine, USA. I am available to volunteer from February to August 2023. My goal is to gain more experience doing underwater research before attending graduate school for marine conservation, and to contribute to our knowledge of the GBR in hopes that we can save it from human impacts.

I am willing to travel to Australia just for this opportunity. I am a certified PADI Divemaster, with specialties including Deep, Wreck, Drift, Night, and Coral Reef Conservation. I have logged just over 100 dives, mostly in the Caribbean but about a dozen on the GBR and a few in Maine. I have not dived for a few years due to the pandemic, but am eager to jump back in. In the last few years, I have been sailing in the Gulf of Maine and in the Atlantic and have been working towards my first captain's license. I've logged over 300 days at sea. If I am selected for this opportunity, I will obtain an AS 2299 dive medical in Australia and I will need to renew my training in first aid and medical oxygen administration.

In college, I spent four months conducting underwater research on Christmas tree worms in the Turks and Caicos Islands through the School for Field Studies. In the same year, I conducted a project aboard SEA Semester's tall ship on pteropod population density in New Zealand in relation to water pH. For both projects, I was responsible for designing. projects, collecting data, quantifying and organizing data, conducting statistical analyses, and writing up reports. I am an excellent cook, artist, non-smoker, non-drinker, friendly introvert, and I'm always willing to pitch in. I can cut hair too! I am accustomed to respectful group living in tight quarters thanks to my tall ship sailing experience. I eat everything but seafood and mushrooms. Thanks for reading! I would love to be part of your team! Registered 11 September 2022