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The following research projects were carried out during 2004. Project leaders who are postgraduate students are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Mating behaviour and sexual conflict in simultaneously hermaphroditic sea slugs (Opisthobranchia) (October 2003/ February)
*Nils Anthes (University of Muenster, Germany)

Mating conflicts in hermaphroditic sea slugs (October 2003/ February)
*Annika Putz (University of Muenster, Germany)

The role of selective mortality in the early life history traits of coral reef fishes (October 2003 to February, October to January 2005)
*Monica Gagliano (James Cook University)

Thermal adaptation and the evolution of species' borders in coral reef fishes (December 2003/ January, June)
*Line Bay (James Cook University)

Ontogeny of behaviour in larval fishes (December 2003/ January)
Dr Jeff Leis (Australian Museum)

Ontogeny of sensory abilities in larvae of marine fishes (December 2003/ January)
*Kelly Wright (University of New South Wales)

Parasites of pre- and post-settlement coral reef fish (December 2003 to February, March/ April)
*Jennifer Pickering (University of Queensland)

Coral disease (January)
*Meir Sussman (James Cook University)

Community structure of parasites in wrasses (January, May)
*Gabriela Munoz (University of Queensland)

Ecological significance of coral disease on the Great Barrier Reef (January, July, December)
Dr Bette Willis (James Cook University)

Prevalence and impact of coral disease (January, July/ August, November, December/ January 2005)
*Cathie Page (James Cook University)

Influence of temperature on spread and transmission of coral disease on the Great Barrier Reef (January, May)
*Holly Boyett (James Cook University)

Cleaner fish food preferences (January)
Dr Alexandra Grutter (University of Queensland)

Mortality of small predators and the effects of small predators on the recruitment and diversity of coral reef fishes (January)
Dr Glenn Almany (James Cook University)

Interactions between cleaner shrimp and fishes: is this mutualism? (January/ February)
*Lyn Raphael (University of Queensland)

The neuroecology of labrids (January/ February)
*Viviana Gamboa (University of Queensland)

Wave energy and the structure of reef fish assemblages: the role of swimming performance (January/ February, June, July/ August, November/ December)
*Christopher Fulton (James Cook University)

Does the cleaner shrimp/ fish mutualism fit a biological market? Ecological signficance of cleaner shrimp (January/ February)
*Justine Becker (University of Queensland)

The role of Anilocra apogonae (Isopoda: Cymotheidae) in the reproductive and competitive behaviour of the five-lined cardinalfish (January/ February, November/ December)
*Rachel Fogelman (University of Queensland)

Reproduction and spawning of crinoids (January/ February)
Dr Chris Lowe (University of California Berkeley)

Demography of chaetodontids (January/ February)
*Michael Berumen (James Cook University)

Influence of coral degradation on fish (January to March, November/ December)
*David Feary (James Cook University)

The evolution of monogamy in reef fish (January to March, November/ December)
*Marian Wong (James Cook University)

Antifouling surfaces modelled from nature (February)
*Andrew Scardino (James Cook University)

Ecological significance of small cryptic fishes (February, June)
*Martial Depczynski (James Cook University)

Phylogeny and historical significance of the bivalve order Arcoida (Mollusca) (February/ March)
*Louise Crowley (American Museum of Natural History)

Quantification of mass balance of CaCO3 accumulated within the reef systems around Lizard Island (February/ March)
*Siwan Rees (Southampton University, UK)

Population structure of soritid foraminifera (February/ March)
*Megan Harrison Cevasco (City University of New York, USA)

Stomatopod signals (February/ March, April)
Prof Roy Caldwell (University of California Berkeley)

The unseen effects of micropredators on fish health (March, November/ December)
*Conor Jones (University of Queensland)

Do mucus coocoons defend against parasites in Chlorurus sordidus? (March/ April, August)
*Jenna Rumney (University of Queensland)

Vision in stomatopods (April)
Prof Justin Marshall (University of Queensland)

Colour vision in fish (April)
Dr Justin Marshall (University of Queensland)

Polarisation signals in fish and stomatopods (April)
Dr Justin Marshall (University of Queensland)

Colour change of the facial uv patterns of Pomacentrus amboinensis (April)
Dr Uli Siebeck (University of Queensland)

Sex recognition of juveniles by adult males in the yellow damselfish, Pomacentrus amboinensis (April)
*Gregor Dunham (World Learning, USA)

The ability of Pomacentrus amboinensis to remember conspecifics: are their ultraviolet facial patterns used for neighbour recognition (April)
*Anthony Taylor (World Learning, USA)

Ultraviolet/ visible colouration of reef fishes (April)
Prof George Losey (University of Hawaii)

Interaction between cleaner wrasse and territorial damselfish (April/ May)
Dr Karen Cheney (University of East Anglia, UK)

Cleaning interation with predators (April/ May, August)
Dr Alexandra Grutter (University of Queensland)

Cleaning symbiosis in light of mucus sunscreens (April/ May)
*Jill Zamzow (University of Hawaii)

The role of ontogenetic colour change in social interaction in damselfish (April/ May, October/ November)
*Samantha Waller (University of Queensland)

Cryptogonimid nematodes from lutjanid species in the tropical Indo-Pacific (May)
*Terrence Miller (University of Queensland)

Taxonomy, phylogeny and coevolution of the Sanguinicolidae in Australian waters (May)
*Matthew Nolan (University of Queensland)

Trematode parasites of Great Barrier Reef fishes (May)
Dr Thomas Cribb (University of Queensland and Dr Rod Bray (Natural History Museum, UK)

Sex recognition in Pomacentrus amboinensis (May)
Dr Uli Siebeck (University of Queensland)

Ultraviolet communication in Pomacentrus amboinensis (May)
Dr Uli Siebeck (University of Queensland)

Learning with Australians: coral reefs a case study (May)
*Carl Stepath (James Cook University)

Cooperative and cognitive aspects of cleaning symbiosis (May to July)
Dr Redouan Bshary (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland)

Influence of the social environment on interspecific aggression and physiological mechanisms (May to July)
*Andrea Hohner (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland)

Coral reef fish phylogeography and molecular adaptation (June, December/ January 2005)
*Karin Kassahn (James Cook University)

Feeding ecology of chaetodontid fishes (June)
*Nicolai Konow (James Cook University)

Project Nemo - aim for the stars (June)
Monica Gagliano (James Cook University) and Holly Taylor

Variation in reproductive behaviour in a female wrasse, Halichoeres margaritaceus (June to August)
*Lori Hosaka La Plante (University of Connecticut, USA)

Episodic-like memory in cleaner fish (June/ July)
Dr Lucie Salwiczek (Max-Planck Institute for Behavioural Physiology, Germany)

Changes in vigilance and feeding rates of social foraging groups of fishes (July)
*Kimberly Barber (University of Connecticut, USA)

Pathogens: vectors and reservoirs for coral disease on the Great Barrier Reef (July/ August)
*Meir Sussman (James Cook University)

Damselfish skull evolution (July/ August)
*W. James Cooper (University of Chicago, USA)

Multi-model sensory integration of wrasses and parrotfishes (July/ August)
*Aaron Rice (University of Chicago, USA)

Evolution and ecology of solar-powered Opisthobranchia (August/ September)
*Ingo Burghardt (University of Bochum, Germany)

Islands and fragments - oceanic model systems (September)
Dr Ursula Shepherd (University of New Mexico, USA)

Polarization in twilight/nocturnal skies (September)
Dr Tom Cronin (University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA)

Polarization imaging of underwater environments (September)
Dr Tom Cronin (University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA)

Polarized signalling of stomatopods (September)
*Tsyr-Huei Chiou (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

Background research for Master's degree (September/ October)
*Peter Bush (Macquarie University)

The sociobiology of life history transitions and lifetime fecundity in haremic reef fish (September to November, November/ December)
*Stefan Walker (James Cook University)

Effects of line fishing - visual surveys of coral trout (October)
Dr Tony Ayling (Consultant to CRC Reef)

Diversity of forams and diatoms (October)
Dr Sven Uthicke (Australian Institute of Marine Science)

Neutral community dynamics on coral reefs (October)
*Maria Dornelas (James Cook University)

Ontogeny of UV facial patterns in Pomacentrus amboinensis (November)
Dr Uli Siebeck (University of Queensland) and *Monica Gagliano (James Cook University)

Fauna and flora survey (November)
Andrew Colvill (Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service)

Effects of predation on juvenile coral reef fish diversity - are rare species targeted? (November/ December)
*Lisa Peacock (James Cook University)

Growth demography and stock structure of north Queensland reef sharks (November/ December)
*Will Robbins (James Cook University)

Survey of coral reef fish for blood parasites and their possible vectors (November/ December)
Dr Nico Smit (Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa) and Dr Lexa Grutter (University of Queensland)

Australia Council for the Arts - visual arts & crafts project (November/ December)
Ruth McDermott (Sydney)

Ecological role of parasites in fish larvae (November to January 2005)
*Angela Crean (University of Queensland)

The role of herbivory in reef resilience (December)
Prof David Bellwood (James Cook University)

Early life history sex determination in reef fishes (December)
Dr Phil Munday (James Cook University)

Life history of angelfishes (December)
Jean-Paul Hobbs (James Cook University)

Sustainable Development Centres (December)
* Nathan Walton (Stanford University, USA)

Long-term monitoring of giant clam populations (December/ January 2005)
Dr David Phillips (Independent researcher)

Habitat choice and hypoxia tolerance in coral reef fish (December/ January 2005)
Prof Goran Nilsson (University of Oslo, Norway)