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Coral reef fish coloration: sexual selection, diversity and speciation
Trond Amundsen and Elisabet Forsgren, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Testing the adaptive capacity of corals to climate change: a demographic approach
Andrew Baird, James Cook University

Quantifying the effect of cleaner fish removal on grazing intensity on patch reefs
Sonia Bejarano Chavarro, University of Queensland

Nutritional ecology of butterflyfishes
Michael Berumen, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Self-recruitment, resources and fitness in a pelagic spawning fish
Michael Berumen, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Stomatopod behaviour
Roy Caldwell, University of California Berkeley

Creefs - Census of Marine Life
Julian Caley, Australian Institute of Marine Science
Rob Adlard, Queensland Museum
Lynda Avery, Museum Victoria
Gareth Belton assisted by Maria Marklund, University of Adelaide
Ian Beveridge, University of Melbourne
Phil Bock, Museum Victoria
Chad Buxton, Museum of Tropical Queensland (PhD student)
Maria Corrales Capa, Australian Museum
Zdenek Duris, University of Ostrava
Merrick Ekins, Queensland Museum
Takuma Fujii (PhD student), University of the Ryukyus
Abby Fusaro, Ocean Genome Legacy
Fred Gurgel, University of Adelaide
Pat Hutchings, Australian Museum
Viacheslav Ivanenko, Moscow State University
Ivan Marin, A.N. Severtzov Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Terrence Miller, Queensland Museum
James Reimer, University of the Ryukyus
Monika Schlacher, Queensland Museum
Charlotte Watson, Northern Territory Museum

Electrophysiology of vision in stomatopods
Tsyr-Huei Chiou, University of Queensland

Biodiversity of coral assemblages
Sean Connolly, James Cook University

Vision and signals in fishes and stomatopods
Tom Cronin, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Explaining coral species abundances: linking morphology to demography
Maria Dornelas, James Cook University

The effect of future ocean acidification upon the physiology of hermatypic corals
Simon Dunn, University of Queensland

A biodiversity baseline for the northern Great Barrier Reef using Reef Life Survey protocols
Graham Edgar, University of Tasmania

Distribution, abundance and diversity of the Lapita cultural complex on the GBR coastline of Australia
Matthew Felgate, University of Auckland
Jim Specht, Australian Museum
Wal Ambrose, Australian National University
Hans Bader, Archaeology Solutions Pty Ltd

The effect of ocean acidification on predator-prey interactions
Maud Ferrari, University of California Davis
Doug Chivers, University of Saskatchewan

Energetics of locomotion in coral reef fishes
Christopher Fulton, Australian National University

Investigatation of cleaner fish functions and mutualism on host fish and fish parasite populations
Nadia Aurisch and Tane Sinclair-Taylor (field leaders for Alexandra Grutter), University of Queensland

Long term effect of cleaner fish presence on fish herbivory rates
Gay Marsden (field leader for Alexandra Grutter), University of Queensland

Effects of parasites on juvenile reef fish
Cait Newport (field leader for Alexandra Grutter), University of Queensland

Understanding the competitive dominance of tabular corals
Cristina Linares, University of Barcelona

Indirect effects of cleaner wrasses
Elizabeth Madin, University of Technology Sydney
Robert Warner, University of California Santa Barbara

Hydrodynamic disturbances on coral reefs
Joshua Madin, Macquarie University

Polarising vision and behaviour in stomatopods
Martin How, University of Queensland

Environmental constraints on mangrove performance
Catherine Lovelock and Ruth Reef, University of Queensland, and
Marilyn Ball and Nele Schmitz, Australian National University

Vision and signals in fishes and stomatopods
Justin Marshall, University of Queensland

Annual fish census at six sites at Lizard Island
Mark McCormick, James Cook University

Predatory ecology of Pseudochromus fuscus
Mark McCormick, James Cook University

Impact of acidification on fish survival
Mark McCormick, James Cook University
Mark Meekan, Australian Institute of Marine Science
Paolo Domenici, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Effects of ocean acidification on behaviour of reef fishes
Phil Munday, James Cook University
Goran Nilsson, University of Oslo

Post settlement events influence on coral population dynamics
Lucie Penin, James Cook University

Long-term monitoring of giant clam populations
David Phillips, Independent researcher

Characterization of visual ecology and diversity of stomatopod larvae
Megan Porter, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Development of novel tagging and marking methods to study movement, growth and age of holothurians
Steve Purcell, National Marine Science Centre

The evolution of punishment and cooperation in nature
Nichola Raihani, Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London

Carbonate chemistry of the Lizard Island lagoon
Stephen Rintoul, CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research

Seeing the world in a different light: polarization vision in reef fish and stomatopods
Nick Roberts, University of Bristol

Hormone correlates of social behaviour: does social androgen modulation differ in intra and interspecific contexts?
Albert Ros, University of Neuchatel

Interspecies comparison in the brain's distribution of the arginine vasotocin of species varying on their cooperative behaviour
Marta Soares, Instituto Superior de Psicologia Lisbon

The effect of sex change on fish personality
Dennis Sprenger, University of Tuebingen
Stefan Walker, James Cook University

Polarised vision in fish, cephalopods and crustaceans
Shelby Temple, University of Queensland

The impact of ocean acidification on the reproduction and growth of scleractinian corals
Ralph Tollrian, Ruhr University Bochum

Ecological significance of coral disease on the Great Barrier Reef
Yui Sato (field leader for Bette Willis), James Cook University

Research students

The effects of acidification on predator/prey interactions (MSc)
Bridie Allan, James Cook University

Shape up or ship out: can coral reef fish change their shape to suit their environment? (PhD)
Sandra Ann Binning, Australian National University

Competition and coexistence in the butterflyfish community (PhD)
Shane Blowes, James Cook University

Intra reef genetic connectivity of Pocilloporidae (PhD)
Pim Bongaerts, University of Queensland

Effect of diet on corallivore condition and reproduction (PhD)
Rohan Brooker, James Cook University

Effects of size and aggression on sex-change in a hermaphroditic coral reef fish, Parapercis cylindrica (undergraduate)
Julie Carpenter, School for International Training

Evaluation of protection zones - case studies in Australia and the Solomon Islands (PhD)
Pip Cohen, James Cook University

Effects of coral bleaching on coral-dwelling fishes (PhD)
Darren Coker, James Cook University

Assessing the risk of ocean acidification for the Great Barrier Reef (PhD)
Alicia Crawley, University of Queensland

The effect of ocean acidification on the predator-prey interactions in reef fish (Hons)
Ingrid Cripps, James Cook University

Climate change impacts through changes in topographic complexity (MSc)
Jaclyn Davies, James Cook University

Hormonal correlates of interspecific social behaviour (MSc)
Alizee Derendinger, University of Neuchatel

Effects of ocean acidification on homing behaviour in cardinalfishes (MSc)
Brynn Devine, James Cook University

Determine cause of ocean acidification effects on behaviour of reef fishes: pH or CO2? (PhD)
Danielle Dixson, James Cook University

Species discrimination by Pomacentrus amboinensis using ultraviolet facial patterns (undergraduate)
Erin Eastwood, School for International Training

Oculae camouflage of stomatopod larvae (PhD)
Kate Feller, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Immune capabilities of Heteroxenia and Phyllodesmium lizardensis during development and establishment of Symbiodinium (PhD)
Justine Garcia, Emory University

The ecological role of sediments on coral reefs (PhD)
Christopher Goatley, James Cook University

Partner novelty and reproductive fitness in the simultaneously hermaphoditic sea slug Chelidonura sandrana (undergraduate)
Carolyn Groves, School for International Training

Behavioural flexibility as a phenotypic response to environmental change by coral reef fishes (Hons)
Siobhan Heatwole, Australian National University

Fish/ algal interactions: the role of herbivory in structuring algal communities across an exposure gradient (PhD)
Andrew Hoey, James Cook University

Coral bleaching and its effect on the fecundity of the coral crab Trapezia cymodoce (undergraduate)
Cameron Holland, School for International Training

Energetics of habitat choice in planktivorous coral reef fishes (PhD)
Jacob Johansen, James Cook University

Sexual reciptocity and traumatic mating in hermaphrodite sea slugs (PhD)
Rolanda Lange, University of Tuebingen

What are the costs of locomotion during daily foraging in coral reef fish? (Hons)
Cayne Layton, Australian National University

Ecology of cryptobenthic fishes on the Great Barrier Reef (PhD)
Carine Lefevre, James Cook University

Predator-prey interactions and the importance of sensory cues in a changing world (PhD)
Oona Lonnstedt, James Cook University

Evolution, adaptation and acclimatization: the vulnerability of scleractinian corals to mass bleaching events (PhD)
Dominique McCowan, James Cook University

Chemical cues: the role of chemical alarm cues in coral reef fish (PhD)
Mathew Mitchell, James Cook University

The effect of temperature on predator/prey behaviour (MSc)
Crystal Neligh, James Cook University

Secondary predator attractants of naïve Pseudochromis fuscus (undergraduate)
Shannon Odell, School for International Training

Secret communication using ultraviolet patterns in reef fish (PhD)
Amira Parker, University of Queensland

Interspecific social competence and audience effects in cleaner wrasses Labroides dimidiatus (PhD)
Ana Pinto, University of Neuchatel

Effect of coral bleaching on feeding behaviour in butterflyfishes (MSc)
Chiara Pisapia, James Cook University

Prevalence and progression of White Syndrome (PhD)
F. Joseph Pollock, James Cook University

Environmental determinants of growth & mortality of reef fishes in the GBR (MSc)
Cecilia Villacorta Rath, James Cook University

Comparative analysis of Siphopteron mating strategies and their genital morphology (MSc)
Verena Reichel, University of Tubingen

Predator-prey interactions among coral reef fishes: the role of swimming behaviour, performance and environmental flaws (PhD)
Dominique Roche, Australian National University

Niche segregation in coral reef damselfishes (Hons)
Rosaella Sheb'a, Australian National University

Identifying Apogonidae from larval to juvenile phases based on morphological differences (undergraduate)
Rebecca Shopiro, School for International Training

Diversity of coral ectosymbionts (PhD)
Jessica Stella, James Cook University

The impact of ocean acidification on the reproduction and growth of scleractinian corals (PhD)
Sebastian Striewski, Ruhr-University Bochum

Ecological role of parasites in fish after settlement (PhD)
Derek Sun, University of Queensland

Ecological connectivity in pocilloporid corals: implications for their recovery from perturbations and adaptation to climate change (PhD)
Gergely Torda, James Cook University

Spatial variation in abundance, growth and post-settlement mortality of juvenile corals along the Great Barrier Reef (MSc)
Melanie Trapon, James Cook University

Impact of herbivorous fish on coral recruit survival (PhD)
Melanie Trapon, James Cook University

Cooperative hunting (PhD)
Alex Vail, University of Cambridge

Molecular mechanisms of coral immunity and the influence of environmental factors on coral immunity (PhD)
Jeroen van de Water, James Cook University

Hormone correlates of social behaviour: does social androgen modulation differ in intra and interspecific contexts? (MSc)
Philippe Vullioud, University of Neuchatel

How pH changes fish behaviour (undergraduate)
Megan Welch, School for International Training

The effects of sedimentation on damselfish (PhD)
Amelia Wenger, James Cook University

Coolidge effect - how partner identity influences the sexual motivation of hermaphroditic sea slugs (MSc)
Johanna Werminghausen, University of Tubingen

Predatory ecology of Moon Wrasse (MAppSci)
James White, James Cook University

Body condition methods - a comparison of Acanthochromis across reefs (MSc)
Nicola Willson, James Cook University

The effect of age class and habitat on cleaner wrasse behaviour (MSc)
Sharon Wismer, University of Zurich