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Selectivity of predation on juvenile tropical reef fish (October 2005 to January, October to January 2007)
*Tom Holmes (James Cook University)

Does the cleaner shrimp/ fish mutualism fit a biological market? Ecological signficance of cleaner shrimp (October 2005 to January)
*Justine Becker (University of Queensland)

Sexual conflict in the simultaneous hermaphrodite Chelidonura hirudina (November 2005 to January)
*Anja Smykowski (University of Tubingen, Germany)

Female benefits of multiple matings in simultaneous hermaphroditic sea slugs (November 2005 to February, November to February 2007)
*Dennis Sprenger (University of Tuebingen, Germany)

Antagonism in the expression of male and female traits in two-way sex changing fish, Pseudochromis cyanotaenia (November 2005 to February)
*Caya Sievers (University of Tuebingen, Germany)

Habitat choice and hypoxia tolerance in coral reef fish (December 2005 to January)
Prof Goran Nilsson (University of Oslo, Norway)

Growth patterns & life history of damselfish at tropical & warm temperate environmental gradients (December 2005 to January)
*Thea Brolund (University of Technology Sydney)

The function and maintenance of aggressive mimics (December 2005 to January, November/ December)
Dr Karen Cheney (University Queensland)

Foraging strategies of gnathiid parasites (January)
*Laura Nagel (University of Queensland)

Solar powered animals: sacoglossans with functional chloroplasts (January)
Dr Geir Johnsen and *Jussi Evertsen (Norwegian University of Science & Technology)

Influence of cortisol on development trajectories of a damselfish (January)
Dr Mark McCormick (James Cook University)

Egg predation at spawning aggregation sites: trade-offs for fitness (January)
*Matthew Fraser (James Cook University)

Identification of haemogregarine blood parasites in coral reef fishes and their effect on host fish physiology (January, May, August/ September, November to January 2007)
*Lynda Curtis (University of Queensland)

Individual recognition in Pomacentrus amboinensis (January, December)
Dr Uli Siebeck (University of Queensland)

Virtual ambon damselfish (January)
*Rainer Obergrussberger (University of Queensland)

Variability in physiology of corals under bleaching conditions (January/ February)
*Karin Ulstrup (University of Technology Sydney)

Morphological & molecular phylogeny with odontological investigations of family Dorvilledea (Annelida: Polychaeta) (January/ February)
*Martin Macnaughton (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Habitat selection by cardinal fish (January/ February, October)
*Naomi Gardiner (James Cook University)

Home ranges and territories of coral reef fish (January/ February, October, December/ January 2007)
*Melissa Cowlishaw (James Cook University)

Ecosystem effects of herbivory: fish/ algae/ sediment interactions (February)
Dr Christopher Fulton (James Cook University)

Ecology of cryptbenthic reef fish assemblages in the Great Barrier Reef (February, May)
*Alonso Gonzalez Cabello (James Cook University)

Molecular genetics of biocalification in coralline sponges (February)
Prof Dr Gert Woerheide (University of Goettingen, Germany)

Phylogeny of calcareous sponges: diversity of Placozoa (February)
*Oliver Voigt (University of Goettingen, Germany)

Systematics of Great Barrier Reef Oligochaeta (Family Tubificidae) (February)
Dr Christer Erseus (Goteborg University, Sweden)

Systematics of Great Barrier Reef Oligochaeta (Genus Grania, Family Enchytraeidae) (February)
*Pierre De Wit (Goteborg University, Sweden)

Systematics of Great Barrier Reef Oligochaeta (Genus Marionina, Family Enchytraeidae) (February)
*Lisa Matamoros (Goteborg University, Sweden)

Phylogenetic relationships of Naticidae (Gastropoda: Caeogastropoda) (February/ March)
*Thomas Huelsken (Ruhruniversitat Bochum, Germany)

Swimming ability, refuging behaviour and habitat use by coral reef fishes (February)
*Jacob Johansen (James Cook University)

Prevalence and impact of coral disease (March, July)
*Cathie Page (James Cook University)

Polarisation signals in fish and stomatopods (March)
Prof Justin Marshall (University of Queensland)

Ontogenetic development of Pomacentrus amboinensis facial patterns (March)
Dr Uli Siebeck (University of Queensland)

Morphological diversity of retinal ganglion cells in marine teleosts (March)
Prof David Vaney (University of Queensland)

Eye movements of stomatopods (March)
Dr Sonja Kleinlogel (University of Queensland)

A cost and benefit analysis for the mutualism of a coral, a crab and a goby (March/ April, May)
*Bryan Murphy (James Cook University)

Mitogenomic approaches to evolution of the parastitic Platyhelminthes (April)
Dr Thomas (University of Queensland)

Taxonomy and evolution of Transversotrematidae, Lepocreadiidae and Acanthocolpidae (Platyhelminthes: Trematoda) (April)
Dr Thomas Cribb (University of Queensland)

Myxosporean parasites of teleost fish: diversity, phylogenetics and pathogenicity (April)
Dr Rob Adlard (Queensland Museum)

Order Mulmualvulida (Myxozoa) - patterns of infection and relatedness from teleost hosts (April)
*Mieke Burger (University of Queensland)

Trophic transmission of helminths (trematodes) via ingestion of fishes (April)
*Abigail Downie (University of Queensland)

Helminth parasites of synodontid fishes and mytilid bivalves (April)
*Geoffrey Dodds (University of Queensland)

Cryptogonimid nematodes from lutjanid species in the tropical Indo-Pacific (April)
*Terrence Miller (University of Queensland)

Hormones mediating bi-directional sex change in coral reef fishes (April, May)
Dr Phil Munday (James Cook University)

Diversity of zooxanthellae in scleractinian corals (May)
Dr William Loh (University of Queensland)

The sociobiology of life history transitions and lifetime fecundity in haremic reef fish (May)
*Stefan Walker (James Cook University)

Coral-associated viruses in the Great Barrier Reef (May, August/ September)
*Nicole Patten (Southern Cross University)

Biophysical thresholds in benthic communities (May)
Dr Christopher Fulton (James Cook University)

Sedimentary processes on coral reefs (May/ June)
*Murray Ford (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Stomatopod signals (June)
Prof Roy Caldwell (University of California, Berkeley)

Properties of natural polarized light fields in air and water (June)
Dr Tom Cronin (University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA)

Behavioural and ecological relevance of colour vision in mantis shrimp (June)
Dr Alex Cheroske (Moorpark College, USA)

Prey capture behaviour of Lysiosquillina maculata (June)
*Maya de Vries (University of California Berkeley, USA)

Visual physiology of marine crustaceans: molecular evolution of stomatopod visual pigments (June)
*Megan Porter (University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA)

Key characters of Sacoglossa, focusing on photosynthetic activity (June to August)
*Yvonne Grzymbowski (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm Universitat Bonn, Germany)

Evolution and ecology of solar-powered Opisthobranchia (July)
*Ingo Burghardt (University of Bochum, Germany)

Social dilemma in fish: how do reef fish deal with a sabretooth blenny? (August)
*Andrea Hohner (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland)

Habitat specialisation in coral reef fishes and its influence on patch composition and local species diversity (September, November to January 2007)
Valeriya Komyakova (James Cook University)

Queensland islands Lapita pottery project (September)
Dr Matthew Felgate (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

The influence of topography on selective mortality at settlement (October, December)
Dr Mark McCormick (James Cook University)

Influence of early life history traits on survival of coral reef fish (October, December)
Dr Mark McCormick (James Cook University)

Factors influencing female reproductive output and larval quality in Pomacentrus amboinensis (October to December)
*Jessica Maddams (James Cook University)

Coral health effects on damselfish recruitment and condition (October to December)
*James Moore (James Cook University)

Correlates of predation risk: behaviour vs growth rate (October, December)
*Corinna von Kuerthy (University of Kiel, Germany) and Dr Mark Meekan (Australian Institute of Marine Science)

Fish/algal interactions. The role of herbivory in structuring algal communities across an exposure gradient (November)
*Andrew Hoey (James Cook University)

Evaluation of plankton sampling methods and its application to collecting Symbiodinium (November)
*Raechel Littman (James Cook University)

Olfactory behaviour and response to coloured light of larval fishes (November/ December)
*Adel Heenan (University of Edinburgh, UK)

The role of predatory and parasitic isopods on coral reef fish recruitment (November/ December)
*Conor Jones (University of Queensland)

Colour & pattern discrimination in reef fish (December)
Dr Uli Siebeck (University of Queensland)

Sunscreen in coral reef fish (December)
*Maxie Eckes (University of Queensland)