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The following research projects were carried out during 2003. Project leaders who are postgraduate students are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Characterization of adaptations to large cell size in Epulopiscium sp (October)
Dr Esther Angert (Cornell University), Prof Howard Choat (James Cook University) and Dr Kendall Clements (University of Auckland), assisted by Will Robbins

Genome sequence analysis of an uncultured bacterium (October)
Dr Esther Angert (Cornell University), Dr Karen Nelson (The Institute for Genomic Research), Emmanuel Mongodin (The Institute for Genomic Research), Prof Howard Choat (James Cook University) and Dr Kendall Clements (University of Auckland) assisted by Will Robbins

Evolution and diversity of Prochloron-ascidian symbiosis (December)
Dr Brett Neilan (University of New South Walse), Dr Yuichi Hirose (University of the Ryukyus), Dr Tadashi Maruyama (Japan Marine Science and Technology Center) assisted by Brendan Burns, Frank Pomati and accompanied by Eddy Neilan

Ecology of crustose coralline algae: interactions with scleractinian corals (January)
Lindsay Harrington (James Cook University)

Seagrass photosynthesis and productivity and the effect of depth (November)
Dr Len McKenzie, Dr Stuart Campbell and Simon Kerville (Northern Fisheries Centre)

Vanadium haloperoxidase enzymes in marine algae (July)
Dr Alison Butler (University of California Santa Barbara) assisted by Eric Matthys and accompanied by Oriane Matthys and Madeleine Matthys

Reproductive strategies in the needle coral Seriatopora hystrix (Dec 2002/ January)
Dr Ralph Tollrian and Elke Maier (University of Munich, Germany) assisted by Jens Bohn and Christoph Haacke and accompanied by Susi, Lea and Lenny Tollrian

The distribution and morphology of corals across hydrodynamic gradients (January/ February)
Joshua Madin (James Cook University) assisted by Dr Andrew Baird and Elizabeth Madin

Large-scale patterns of coral demography on the Great Barrier Reef (January)
Dr Andrew Baird (James Cook University) assisted by Johua Madin and Elizabeth Madin

Coral disease surveys (January)
Dr Bette Willis, Cathie Page, Elizabeth Dinsdale (James Cook University), Dr Kimberly Ritchie (University of California San Diego, USA) and Dr Garriet Smith (University of South Carolina, USA)

Constructing the first coral chip: a link between bacterial pathogens, coral disease and coral bleaching (July)
Meir Sussman (James Cook University)

Prevalence and impact of coral disease (July, November)
Cathie Page (James Cook University) assisted by David Bourne and Dr Bette Willis

Spread and transmission of coral disease on the Great Barrier Reef (July)
Holly Boyett (James Cook University)

Changes in algal symbiont communities in reef corals at Lizard Island following the 2002 bleaching event (August)
Dr Andrew Baker (Columbia University, USA) accompanied by Tiffen Baker and Teia Baker

Coral diseases (November)
Meir Sussman (James Cook University)

Community structure of parasites in wrasses (January; March; September)
Gabriela Munoz (University of Queensland) assisted by Conor Jones

Taxonomy, phylogeny and coevolution of the Sanguinicolidae in Australian waters (January)
Matthew Nolan (University of Queensland)

The Bucephalidae (Trematoda) system on the Great Barrier Reef (January)
Nathan Bott (University of Queensland)

Mating behaviour and sexual conflict in simultaneously hermaphroditic sea slugs (January/ February; October/ February 2004)
Nils Anthes (University of Muenster, Germany) assisted by Prof Nicolaas Michiels, Shireen Fahey and Iris Michiels

Comparative kidney ultrastructure of cerithioidean snails (May)
Dr Ellen Strong (University of Minnesota, USA) assisted by Dr Heather Bennett

Solar powered animals, especially sacoglossans (June)
Dr Geir Johnsen and Jussi Evertsen (Norwegian University of Science & Technology)

Phylogeographic structuring of marine molluscs in insular settings (July)
Lisa Kirkendale (Florida Museum of Natural History)

Cloning and expression or the clam homologue of the swelling-dependent chlorine channel (August/ September)
Prof Markus Paulmichl (University of Innsbruck) accompanied by Martina, Katharina and Sebastian Paulmichl

Mating conflicts in hermaphroditic sea slugs (October/ February 2004)
Annika Putz (University of Muenster) assisted by Prof Nicolaas Michiels and Iris Michiels

Mating behavior and reproduction within a closely related group of simultaneously hermaphroditic sea slugs (Opisthobranchia: Aglajidae) (November/ December)
Genevieve Arredondo (School for International Training, USA)

Does the cleaner shrimp/ fish mutualism fit a biological market? (January/ March; October/ November)
Justine Becker (University of Queensland) assisted by Maely Gauthier and Rob Jacob

Long-term effect of cleaners on gnathiid isopods (January; March; April; May/June; August)
Dr Alexandra Grutter (University of Queensland) assisted by Mark Johnson and Conor Jones

Phylogenetic systematics and biogeography of sphaeromatid isopods (Crustacea: Pericarida) (April)
Dr Regina Wetzer (Natural History Museum LA County, USA) assisted by N. Dean Pentcheff

Role of marine cleaning symbioses in the diversification of gnathiid parasites (April; November/ December)
Laura Nagel (Queen's University, Canada) assisted by Troy Day and Martial Depczynski and accompanied by Willem Day

Behavioural and ecological relevance of colour vision in mantis shrimp (June)
Alex Cheroske (University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA)

Polarized light signaling in stomatopod crustaceans (August/ September)
Prof Tom Cronin and Tsyr-Huei Chiou (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

Mysid crustaceans of the Lizard Island area (September)
Suzette Talbot (independent researcher) assisted by Prof Frank Talbot

Role of Anilocra apogonae in the parasitic castration and filial cannibalistic behaviour of a cardinalfish species (October/ November)
Rachel Fogelman (University of Queensland)

Stomatopod signals (November)
Prof Roy Caldwell (University of California, Berkeley) assisted by Gloria Caldwell

Population genetic structure of fish blood parasites (November/ December)
Troy Day (Queen's University, Canada) assisted by Martial Depczynski

Growth and demography of the shallow water crinoid Himerometra robustipinna (January)
Paul Detwiler (San Diego State University, USA) assisted by Ralph Alquezar

Extraction of sperm attractant chemicals from brittlestar eggs (January/ February)
Dr Richard Miller (Temple University, USA) assisted by Bryony Hazell

Phenotypic plasticity in larvae of Macrophiothrix (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) (January/ February)
Justin McAlister (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA) assisted by Kirsty Kemp

Biology and ecology of brittlestars in the genus Macrophiothrix (January/ March)
Tara Fitzhenry (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)

Egg size, evolution and larval development in the brittlestar genus Macrophiothrix (January/ March)
Jonathon Allen (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA) assisted by Johanna Mader

Evolution of early life history stages in Macrophiothrix brittlestars (November/ December)
Dr Bob Podolsky (University of North Carolina) assisted by Johanna Mader and Allison Welch

Predator selectivity on juvenile fishes (October/ December)
Tom Holmes (James Cook University) assisted by Dr Mark McCormick, Shawn Smith, Graham Hill and Nathan Roswell

Orientation of settling reef fish larvae to sources of underwater sound (November)
Dr Andrew Jeffs (National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research) and Prof John Montgomery (University of Auckland)

The effect of auditory cues on the early stages of coral reef fishes (November/ December)
Steve Simpson (University of York) and Dr Mark Meekan (Australian Institute of Marine Science) assisted by Marten Wolter and Caroline Stewart

Acoustic conditioning of settlement-stage coral reef fishes (Pomacentrus) (November/ December)
Nick Larsen (School for International Training)

Ontogeny of sensory abilities in larvae of marine fishes (December)
Dr Dennis Higgs (University of Windsor, Canada) and Kelly Wright (University of New South Wales) assisted by Richard Piola and Andrea Belanger

Ontogeny of behaviour in larval fishes (December/ January 2004)
Dr Jeff Leis (Australian Museum) assisted by Domine Clark, Matthew Lockett, Sue Bullock, Sam Leis and Mark Brown

Effect of parasites on larval and juvenile reef fishes (December/ February 2004)
Jennifer Pickering (University of Queensland)

The effect of stress on damselfish offspring (October 2002/ February)
Dr Mark McCormick (James Cook University) assisted by Shawn Smith, Charlotte Berkstrom, Tom Holmes and accompanied by Donna Larcom

Functional morphospace and ecomorphology of chaetodontid fishes (January)
Nicolai Konow (James Cook University)

Wave energy and the structure of reef fish assemblages: the role of swimming performance (January/ February, July, October/ November)
Chris Fulton (James Cook University) assisted by Lachlan Barnes, Vincenzo Montalbano, Neal Cantin, David Wakelin and Amara Thomas

Thermal adaptation and the evolution of species' borders in coral reef fishes (January, July, December/ January 2004)
Line Bay (James Cook University) assisted by Nicolai Konow, Dr Julian Caley, Martial Depczynski, Monica Gagliano, Rhona McPhee, Ewan McPhee and accompanied by Tasman and Kalle McPhee

Demography of chaetodontids (February)
Michael Berumen (James Cook University) assisted by Danielle De Vere and Josiah Pit

Ecological character displacement in coral-dwelling fishes of the genus Dascyllus (February)
Andrew Limbourn (James Cook University) assisted by Vincenzo Montalbano

Genetic and morphological analysis of colour variation in two coral reef fishes (February/ March)
Vanessa Messmer (James Cook University) assisted by Stefan Walker

The functional role of cryptobenthic reef fish in coral reef ecosystems (February/ March, November)
Martial Depczynski (James Cook University) assisted by Adam Barnett

The neuroecology of labrids (March)
Viviana Gamboa (University of Queensland) assisted by Dr Shaun Collin

Predator-prey interactions in coral reef fish communities (March)
Ameer Abdulla (James Cook University) assisted by Monica Gagliano

Effect of sociobiological processes on life history traits in reef fish (March/ April)
Stefan Walker (James Cook University) assisted by Chadd Chustz

Cooperative and cognitive aspects of cleaning symbiosis (March/ April)
Redouan Bshary (University of Cambridge, UK) accompanied by Heidrun Bshary and Heike Hornsmann

Dynamics of reef fish recruitment across their range (April)
Dr David Booth (University of Technology, Sydney) assisted by Giglia Beretta

Survey of coral reef fishes for blood parasites and their possible vectors (April)
Dr Alexandra Grutter (University of Queensland)

Cleaning behaviour as a model system for testing theories of mutualism (April)
Dr Alexandra Grutter (University of Queensland)

Hormones mediating bi-directional sex change in coral reef fishes (April/ May)
Dr Phil Munday (James Cook University), Dr Frederieke Kroon and Dr David Westcott (CSIRO, Australia) and Dr Robin Liley (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Sexual plasticity in a coral dwelling goby, Gobiodon histrio (June)
Jean-Paul Hobbs (James Cook University)

The evolution of monogamy in reef fish (June)
Marian Wong (James Cook University)

Polarisation signals in fish and stomatopods (June)
Dr Justin Marshall (University of Queensland) assisted by Kylie Jennings

Effects of soft coral extract on butterflyfish detoxification enzyme expression (July/ August)
Dr Daniel Schlenk (University of California Riverside) assisted by Rebecca Polcyn and accompanied by Ronly, Marina and Noah Schlenk

Species recognition in pomacentrids and uv facial patterns of two Pomacentrus species (September)
Dr Ulricke Siebeck (University of Queensland) assisted by Dennis Sprenger

The role of ontogenetic colour change in social interaction in damselfish (September, November/ December)
Samantha Waller (University of Queensland) assisted by Conor Jones and Christine Huffard

Effects of line fishing - visual surveys of coral trout (September/ October)
Tony Ayling (Consultant to CRC Reef) assisted by Gabriel Codina and Chris Ryan, and accompanied by Avril Ayling, Bliss Ayling, Zenica Ayling, Zoe Codina, Melba Quinn, Emma Ryan and Lucas Bluegum Ryan

Growth demography and stock structure of north Queensland reef sharks (October)
Will Robbins (James Cook University)

Long-term monitoring of scarids and acanthurids (October)
Prof Howard Choat (James Cook University) and Dr Kendall Clements (University of Auckland) assisted by Will Robbins

The role of selective mortality in the early life history of coral reef fishes (October/ January 2004)
Monica Gagliano (James Cook University) assisted by Dr Mark McCormick, Vanessa Messmer and Johanna Mader

Trophic implications of diet and mouth-brooding in apogonids (October, November)
Adam Barnett (James Cook University) assisted by Fiona Merida and Martial Depczynski

Cleaner fish food preferences (November/ December)
Dr Alexandra Grutter (University of Queensland) assisted by Mark Johnson

Ultraviolet communication in reef fish (November)
Uli Siebeck (University of Queensland)

Intertidal biotas of Lizard Island: windward versus leeward relationships (September)
Dr Markes Johnson and Dr Gudveig Baali (Williams College, USA)

Sperm evolution in relation to sperm competition in coral reef fishes and invertebrates (November/ December)
Dr Robert Montgomerie (Queen's University, Canada) assisted by Denise Michaud

Changes in polarization due to environmental conditions (August/ September)
Shai Sabbah (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Polarization decay in seawater (August/ September)
Dr Nadav Shashar (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Polarization imaging of underwater environments (August/ September)
Tom Cronin (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

3D determination of the growth and evolution of the Holocene carbonate platforms around Lizard Island (January/ February)
Siwan Rees and Dr Bradley Opdyke (Australian National University)

Dissolution of carbonate sediments with increased carbon dioxide (January/ February)
Sarah Tynan and Dr Bradley Opdyke (Australian National University)

Biomineralisation (July/ August)
Prof Paul Price (University of California San Diego) accompanied by Pam, Susie, and Andrew Price

Coral Reefs of the Indo-Pacific and changes in climate (August/ September)
Dr Bradley Opdyke (Australian National University) and Siwan Rees (University of Southampton) assisted by Matt Crabbe and Nigel Stevens