Anyone who is older than 18 years and is capable of and willing to perform outdoor manual work is eligible to become a station volunteer. A maximum of two people will be accepted as station volunteers at any one time. If accepted into the program, volunteers must provide information about any medical conditions and medications taken.

The arrangement

Volunteers work for 28 hours per week. Shared accommodation is provided free of charge at LIRS. Volunteers must pay their own travel expenses and arrange for their own food supplies. Other charges will be for barge freight to get food to the island and, if required, for hire of snorkelling gear.

The work

This usually involves manual work under the supervision of maintenance staff and includes activities such as cleaning, painting, weeding and unloading supplies. Work involving assistance with research is not available.

Duration and timing of visit

The minimum duration for a volunteer visit is ten days and the maximum that will be allocated initially is two weeks. If a volunteer wants to stay for longer than two weeks, an extension will depend upon work performance and availability of space.

Space for volunteers is not always available because researchers and student groups have priority. School and university holiday periods are often very busy at LIRS and volunteer opportunities are more limited then.

Diving, snorkelling and boating

Scuba diving is not an option for Station Volunteers. The snorkelling is great and gear is available at the Station for hire if needed. Volunteers are not allowed to drive LIRS boats although they may go out with visiting researchers by mutual agreement.

How to apply

You must apply at least one month before you want to volunteer and no more than six months ahead. Send a brief email that provides the following information. Please do not send your full CV or any attachments.

  • Your name, home location and, if relevant, your current location (e.g. if travelling).
  • The period that you are available to volunteer (must be between one and six months of making the application) and the circumstances that allow you to volunteer at that time, for example: "26 June to 17 July, university holidays" or "any time between end May and end September, gap year traveling in Australia".
  • How long you would like to volunteer for initially (10 to 14 nights) and whether you are interested in staying for longer than 14 nights.
  • A statement that you are willing and able to do manual, outdoor work.
  • Any qualifications or experience you have that may be useful for assisting with maintenance work (e.g. licenced electrician, have painted my own house, keen gardener etc).
  • Any other relevant information.