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Endoparasites of coral reef fishes
Rob Adlard, Queensland Museum

Coral reef fish coloration: sexual selection, diversity and speciation
Trond Amundsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Testing the adaptive capacity of corals to climate change: a demographic approach
Andrew Baird, James Cook University

Cooperative and cognitive aspects of cleaning symbiosis
Redouan Bshary, University of Neuchatel

Anemone distribution and toxicity analysis
Karen Burke da Silva, John Edwards and Jeanne Young, Flinders University

Stomatopod behaviour
Roy Caldwell, University of California Berkeley

Evolution of aposematic (warning) colouration in marine opisthobranchs
Karen Cheney, University of Queensland

How did coral trout get its spots?
Karen Cheney and Justin Marshall, University of Queensland

Electrophysiology of vision in stomatopods
Tsyr-Huei Chiou, University of Queensland

The role of hindgut symbionts in protein uptake and recycling in marine herbivorous fishes
Kendall Clements, University of Auckland
Esther Angert, Cornell University
Howard Choat, James Cook University
Lindsey White, Auckland University of Technology

Biodiversity of coral assemblages
Sean Connolly, James Cook University

Properties of natural polarized light fields in air and water
Tom Cronin, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Ecological and evolutionary genomics of marine invertebrates
Bernie Degnan and Sandie Degnan, University of Queensland

Explaining coral species abundances: linking morphology to demography
Maria Dornelas, University of St Andrews

Molecular evolution of cephalopod venom proteins
Eivind Undheim as field leader for Bryan Fry, University of Queensland

How does climate influence seaweed patch dynamics on the Great Barrier Reef?
Christopher Fulton, Australian National University

Energetics of locomotion in coral reef fishes
Christopher Fulton, Australian National University

Underwater CCD polarization sensor
Viktor Gruev, Washington University St Louis

Modelling the influence of sea level rise on reef accretion at Lizard Island
Sarah Hamylton, Valerie Harwood and Colin Woodroffe, University of Wollongong
Chris Roelfsema, University of Queensland

Identity of predators of juvenile coral reef fish
Tom Holmes, WA Department of Environment and Conservation

Metabolic scaling in reef corals
Mia Hoogenboom and Sean Connolly, James Cook University

Polarising vision and behaviour in stomatopods
Martin How, University of Queensland

Underwater hyperspectral imaging of coral habitats
Geir Johnsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

GBR endocrine disruption
Frederieke Kroon, CSIRO

Orientation in fish larvae
Jeff Leis, Australian Museum
Claire Paris, University of Miami
Kerstin Fritsches and Uli Siebeck, University of Queensland

Investigation of toxins from the superfamily Conacea
Eivind Undheim as field leader for Richard Lewis, University of Queensland

Seascape genetics of broadcast spawning reef building corals
Vimoksalehi Lukoschek, James Cook University

Hydrodynamic disturbances on coral reefs
Marcela Diaz as field leader for Joshua Madin, Macquarie University

Polarised light underwater
Justin Marshall, University of Queensland

Stomatopod vision and signals
Justin Marshall, University of Queensland

Annual fish census at six sites at Lizard Island
Mark McCormick, James Cook University

Aging study of giant clams
Mark Meekan, Australian Institute of Marine Science

Recording Aboriginal sites on Lizard Island
Robynne Mills, University of Sydney

Physiological effects of high temperature and carbon dioxide on reef fish
Goran Nilsson and Jonathan Stecyk, University of Oslo

Post settlement events influence on coral population dynamics
Lucie Penin, University of Perpignan

Developmental genetics of stomatopod vision
Megan Porter, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Impact of herbivorous fish on coral recruit survival
Morgan Pratchett, James Cook University

Mechanisms promoting cooperation in cleaning mutualism
Nichola Raihani, Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London

Manage ecosystems, monitor species
Zoe Richards, Australian Museum

Polarised vision in fish and cephalopods
Nick Roberts and Shelby Temple, University of Bristol
Justin Marshall University of Queensland

Effect of waves and currents on seagrass distribution and productivity
Megan Saunders, Javier Leon, Tom Baldock, Chris Brown and David Callaghan, University of Queensland

Census of Marine Life CReefs
Shawn Smith, Australian Institute of Marine Science

Role of exogenously administered steroid hormones on individual behavioural decisions in cleaner fish
Marta Soares, Instituto Superior de Psicologia Lisbon

Recovery of oceanographic glider
Dennis Stanley, University of Western Australia

The evolution of badges of status and signal-receiver behaviour
Stefan Walker and Vanessa Messmer, James Cook University

Ecological significance of coral disease on the Great Barrier Reef
Allison Paley as field leader for Bette Willis, James Cook University

Research students

Shape up or ship out: can coral reef fish change their shape to suit their environment? (PhD)
Sandra Binning, Australian National University

Competition and coexistence in the butterflyfish community (PhD)
Shane Blowes, James Cook University

Microbial nitrogen fixation in the hindgut of marine herbivorous fishes (PhD)
Lilly Bojarski, University of Auckland

UV vision in mantis shrimp (PhD)
Michael Bok, University of Maryland Baltimore County

The effects of coral stressing on the feeding preferences of Acanthaster planci (undergraduate)
Harriet Booth, School for International Training

Investigating temporal foraging patterns of coral reef predators and their effect on prey (Hons)
Yoland Bosiger, James Cook University

UV-induced DNA damage and UV avoidance (PhD)
Christoph Braun, University of Queensland

Behavioural responses to coral bleaching by a coral-feeding fish (PhD)
Rohan Brooker, James Cook University

Role of the neurohormone arginine vasotocin on cleanerfish conspecific related behaviour (PhD)
Sonia Cardoso, Instituto Superior de Psicologia Lisbon

Colour vision thresholds in marine fish (PhD)
Conor Champ, University of Queensland

Effects of coral bleaching on coral-dwelling fishes (PhD)
Darren Coker, James Cook University

Effect of chronic fish predation on reef building corals (PhD)
Andrew Cole, James Cook University

Colour adaptation in Pseudochromis fuscus (PhD)
Fabio Cortesi, University of Basel

Assessing the risk of ocean acidification for the Great Barrier Reef (PhD)
Alicia Crawley, University of Queensland

Ecological energetics of butterflyfishes (PhD)
Christopher Cvitanovic, Australian National University

Calcium carbonate production of benthic foraminifera (pre-PhD)
Steve Doo, University of Sydney

Visual pigments of stomatopod crustacean larvae (PhD)
Kate Feller, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Ecosystem function of rabbitfishes - movement patterns of Siganus lineatus (PhD)
Rebecca Fox, James Cook University

The ecological role of sediments on coral reefs (PhD)
Christopher Goatley, James Cook University

Identification and diversity of Myxosporean parasites in apogonids (PhD)
Holly Heiniger, University of Queensland

Fluid composition of the reproductive organs of the sea slugs Siphopteron quadrispinosum and S. pohnpei (undergraduate)
Marissa Henderson, School for International Training

Predation pressure as a factor in social monogamy of mantis shrimp, Pullosquilla thomassini (undergraduate)
Leslie Hillman, School for International Training

Energetics of habitat choice in planktivorous coral reef fishes (PhD)
Jacob Johansen, James Cook University

Ultrastructure and function of the hindgut in marine herbivorous fishes
Kate Johnson, University of Auckland

An investigation of coral morphology and fish association (Hons)
James Kerry, James Cook University

Impacts of tourism on coral disease prevalence (PhD)
Joleah Lamb, James Cook University

Precopuatory stabbing in a hermaphroditic sea slug (PhD)
Rolanda Lange, University of Tuebingen

Sexual reciprocity and traumatic mating in hermaphrodite sea slugs (PhD)
Rolanda Lange, University of Tuebingen

What are the costs of locomotion during daily foraging in coral reef fish? (Hons)
Cayne Layton, Australian National University

Spatial & temporal patterns of coral reef connectivity (PhD)
Libby Liggins, University of Queensland

Behavioural responses of varanid lizards (goannas) to cane toads (PhD)
John Llewelyn, James Cook University

Predator-prey interactions and the importance of sensory cues in a changing world (PhD)
Oona Lonnstedt, James Cook University

Social learning as an anti-predator response in coral reef fish (PhD)
Rachel Manassa, James Cook University

Effects of climate change on the connectivity of coral reef fish populations (PhD)
Ian McLeod, James Cook University

Protein uptake in marine herbivorous fishes (PhD)
Selena McMillan, University of Auckland

Effects of flow on antipredator responses (PhD)
Mathew Mitchell, James Cook University

Opsins in extraocular photoreceptors (PhD)
Alexandra Nahm, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Is there behavioural modality in the swimming and foraging behaviour of coral reef fishes? (Hons)
Jessica Pink, Australian National University

Coordination abilities in cleaner wrasse pairs (PhD)
Ana Pinto, University of Neuchatel

Understanding White Syndrome in the Indo-Pacific (PhD)
F. Joseph Pollock, James Cook University

Comparative analysis of Siphopteron mating strategies and their genital morphology (MSc)
Verena Reichel, University of Tuebingen

The bio-physical coupling of predator-prey interactions in coral reef fishes (PhD)
Dominique Roche, Australian National University

Linking life history to reproduction structure in corals (PhD)
Sebastian Schmidt-Roach, University of Tasmania

Intracolonial genetic variation in corals (PhD)
Max Schweinsberg, Ruhr-University Bochum

The effect of predator influence on color change in two distinct morphs of the marine fish Pseudochromis fuscus (undergraduate)
Megan Sherman, School for International Training

Diversity of coral ectosymbionts (PhD)
Jessica Stella, James Cook University

The impact of ocean acidification on the reproduction and growth of scleractinian corals (PhD)
Sebastian Striewski, Ruhr-University Bochum

The ecological effects of parasites in fish after settlement (PhD)
Derek Sun, University of Queensland

Colour vision in mantis shrimp (PhD)
Hanne Thoen, University of Queensland

Impact of herbivorous fish on coral recruit survival (PhD)
Melanie Trapon, James Cook University

Cooperative hunting between groupers, moray eels and octopus (PhD)
Alex Vail, University of Cambridge

The effects of sedimentation on damselfish (PhD)
Amelia Wenger, James Cook University

Coolidge effect - how partner identity influences the sexual motivation of hermaphroditic sea slugs (MSc)
Johanna Werminghausen, University of Tuebingen

Foraging ecology of sand perch, Parapercis cylindrica (undergraduate)
Meghan Werft, School for International Training

Role of predation pressure in establishment of behavioural syndromes
James White, James Cook University

Generalization in adult cleaner wrasse (MSc)
Sharon Wismer, University of Neuchatel

Reefs on the edge (PhD)
Erika Woolsey, James Cook University

The effects of environment and demography on social and genetic monogamy and biparental care in the lysiosquilloid stomatopods (PhD)
Molly Wright, University of California Berkeley