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The Lizard Island Research Station has a fleet of boats for use by its visitors. All of them are named for particular people, listed at the end of this page.

  • Twelve 5 metre dinghies with 30 hp motors: Pippy, Freya, Ellie, Lili, Louise, Sam, Sarah, Mimi, Primrose, Mary-Ida , Marie-Elisabeth and L&M.
  • Two 6 metre centre-console boats, each with a 90 hp motor: Macquarie 1 and Macquarie 2.
  • A 6 metre catamaran with twin 90 hp motors: Kirsty K.

All boats are equipped with safety equipment as required by state regulations and outboard motors are replaced regularly to ensure reliability.

Each research team is usually allocated a dinghy for its sole use during the visit provided there is an appropriately licenced and competent driver in the team. Student groups are allocated one dinghy per 5 or 6 people and there must be an appropriate number of licenced adult drivers among the group. Use of a dinghy is included in the daily bench fee.

Macquarie 1 and Macquarie 2 are useful for student groups because each can take up to 12 snorkellers. They will be allocated to student groups only if the proposed drivers are adult supervisors who have extensive boating experience as well as an appropriate licence. There is no additional charge for use of these boats within the Lizard Island group by student groups.

Access to Macquarie 1 and Macquarie 2 by researchers may incur an additional cost depending on the proposed usage. These boats can be used away from the Lizard Island Group under limited circumstances.

Kirsty K is used mainly for work away from the Lizard Island Group. Additional costs apply.

Research groups who wish to work away from the Lizard Island Group must have a team member who is licenced and who has a high level of relevant boating experience. LIRS staff are not available for this purpose.

Use of Kirsty K, Macquarie 1 and Macquarie 2 must be booked well in advance.

None of the LIRS boats may be driven by station volunteers or by people who are not staying at LIRS.

Boat driver requirements

LIRS boats
Boat name The story behind the name
Pip Dick and Pip Smith have been supporters of LIRS for many years. .
Freya Freya is the granddaughter of Ian Reid. The Thyne Reid Foundation has been a major supporter.