Coscinasterias muricata - (J.24706) aboral surface Click to enlarge image
Coscinasterias muricata - (J.24706) aboral surface Image: R. Springthorpe
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Fast Facts

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    Width to 500 mm


Seven to 14 (usually 11) long, flexible arms with spines in longitudinal rows along the aboral surface and margins. Aboral surface orange mottled with blue, grey, green and red/brown. Oral surface with two rows of tube feet.


Temperate inshore and continental shelf areas from Port Denison, Qld, south to Tasmania and west to Houtman Abrolhos, WA; Lord Howe Island; Norfolk Island; New Zealand. Depth range 0-140 m.

Australian Museum registration database records for the Sydney region:

Long Reef; Manly (Shelly Beach); Port Jackson (Balmoral; Nielsen Park; Vaucluse); Mackenzie's Bay, Sydney; 9.5 km off Coogee; Little Coogee; Botany Bay (Kurnell Pier); Port Hacking (Gunnamatta Bay; Shiprock near Caringbah). Depth range 0-91 m.


Sheltered reef, silt, sand.

Taxonomic information - synonyms and type material:

Coscinasterias muricata Verrill, 1867: 249.
Type data: syntypes whereabouts unknown.
Type locality: Auckland, New Zealand.

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Additional references:

Clark (1946); Rowe & Gates (1995); Edgar (1997).