J24332 Meridiastra calcar Click to enlarge image
J24332 Meridiastra calcar Image: Stephen Kebble
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Fast Facts

  • Classification
  • Size Range
    Width 70 mm


Flattened with seven to nine (usually eight), distinct, short arms (less than width of central disc), with acutely rounded webbed divisions between each arm. Aboral surface with minute scale-like apprearance, colour variable, including purple, green, white, yellow, orange, red, brown and grey.


Temperate inshore areas from Currumbin, Qld south to Tasmania and west to Albany, WA. Depth range 0-3 m.

Australian Museum registration database records for the Sydney region:

Mona Vale; Long Reef; Manly (Shelly Beach); Port Jackson (Balmoral; Green Point); Tamarama (Mackenzie’s Bay); Coogee; Maroubra; Botany Bay. Depth range not recorded but occurs intertidally.


Rock pools, sheltered reefs, mid intertidal.

J24332 Meridiastra calcar

Meridiastra calcar

Image: R.T. Springthorpe
© Australian Museum

Taxonomic information - synonyms and type material:

Asterias calcar Lamarck, 1816: 557.
Type data: type status and whereabouts unknown.
Type locality: Australian seas (Dartnall, 1971).

Links for further information:

World Register of Marine Species

Additional references:

Clark (1946); Dartnall (1971); Edgar (1997); O’Loughlin & Roy (2004).