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J7556 Astropcepten vappa Image: Stephen Keeble
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Fast Facts

  • Classification
  • Size Range
    Width 125mm


Flattened with five relatively straight sided arms tapering to acute points giving a distinct star shape. The arms are fringed with a comb-like array of sharp spines along the length of their margin. Superomarginal plates width greater than length, all with one to two conspicuous spines and a series of spines diminishing in size from top to bottom below. Fawn to reddish or dark brown on the aboral surface and cream below.


Inshore and continental shelf areas from the Gulf of Carpentaria, south to Tasmania and west to the central west coast of WA; east Indo-west Pacific Ocean. Depth range 0-128 m.

Australian Museum registration database records for the Sydney region:

Pittwater; Port Jackson (Camp Cove); 4-5.5 km off Port Jackson; Botany Bay (Brighton-Le-Sands); off Cronulla; Port Hacking (Simpsons Beach; The Entrance). Depth range 10-71 m.


Sand, silty sediment.

Taxonomic information - synonyms and type material:

Astropecten vappa Müller & Troschel, 1843: 119.
Type data: holotype ZMB 801.
Type locality: southwestern Australia.

Astropecten hartmeyeri Döderlein, 1917: 54, 156, pls 5(8), 14(6-6c).
Type data: syntypes whereabouts unknown.
Type locality: Freycinet Reach, Shark Bay, WA.

J7556 Astropcepten vappa

Astropecten vappa

Image: Stephen Keeble
© Australian Museum

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Additional references:

Clark (1946); Clark & Rowe (1971); Edgar (1997).