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J102 Nepanthia belcheri Image: Stephen Keeble
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Fast Facts

  • Classification
  • Size Range
    Width 40mm


Five to eight (usually six or seven) stubby, cylindrical, arms which taper to a blunt tip. Aboral surface covered in small scale-like plates, dull green.


Inshore tropical and temperate areas from Exmouth Gulf, WA to Port Jackson and Lord Howe Island, NSW; east Indo-west Pacific Ocean. Depth range 0-46 m.

Australian Museum registration database records for the Sydney region:

Port Jackson (Lane Cove River). Depth range 13 m.


Under rocks, or associated with coral rubble and sediment flats.

Taxonomic information - synonyms and type material:

Asterina (Nepanthia) belcheri Perrier,1875: 320, 240.
Type data: holotype BMNH 1847.3.10.4.
Type locality: unknown.

Asterina (Nepanthia) brevis Perrier, 1875: 321, 240.
Type data: holotype BMNH 1854.11.15.290.
Type locality: Prince of Wales Channel, Torres Strait, QLD.

Nepanthia suffarcinata Sladen, 1888: 328, pl. 28(9-12).
Type data: holotype IM.
Type locality: Owen Is., Mergui Archipelago, Burma.

Nepanthia joubini Koehler, 1908: 232, figs 1-4.
Type data: holotype whereabouts unknown (whereabouts undetermined).
Type locality: Cap Saint-Jacques, Vietnam (as Cochin China).

Henricia heteractis Clark,1909: 530, pl. 49(1-2).
Type data: holotype AM G11430, paratype(s) AM J830 2 specimens.
Type locality: Lord Howe Is., Tasman Sea.

Nepanthia polyplax Döderlein 1926: 20, pl.4 (2-2a).
Type data: holotype (probable) NHRM Type-1369.
Type locality: Rockhampton, QLD.

Nepanthia magnispina Clark, 1938: 174, pl. 20(1-2).
Type data: holotype MCZ 3320.
Type locality: Augustus Is. (as Champagay Is.), WA.

Nepanthia variabilis Clark, 1938: 176, pls 10(4-5), 20(4-5).
Type data: holotype MCZ 3323, paratypes MCZ 3325, WAM Z1710 1 paratype (old number: 119-39), AM J6107 4 specimens, NMV F45122, SAMA K725, BMNH 1939.6.15.78, WAM Z1711 1 specimen (old number: 120-39).
Type locality: Broome, WA.

J102 Nepanthia belcheri

Nepanthia belcheri

Image: Stephen Keeble
© Australian Museum

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Additional references:

Clark (1946) (also as Nepanthia brevis Perrier, 1876, Nepanthia variabilis H.L. Clark, 1938, Nepanthia magnispina H.L. Clark, 1938); Clark & Rowe (1971) (also as Nepanthia brevis Perrier, 1875, Nepanthia joubini Koehler, 1908, Nepanthia magnispina (H.L. Clark, 1938), Nepanthia variabilis (H.L. Clark, 1938)); Rowe & Marsh (1982).