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J24333 Paranepanthia grandis Image: Stephen Keeble
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Fast Facts

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    Width 60mm


Somewhat flattened with five short arms (less than width of central disc), triangular to semicircular in cross section, with obtusely rounded webbed divisions between each arm. Aboral surface central disc and arm ridges with crescent shaped plates, webbing between plates with circular plates, pale pink or orange to fawn and yellowish or greyish brown.


Inshore temperate areas from Shelley Beach, north of Clarence River, NSW south to Tasmania and west to Cape Peron, WA. Depth range 0-40 m.

Australian Museum registration database records for the Sydney region:

Long Reef; Port Jackson (Camp Cove; Watsons Bay; Nielsen Park; Bottle and Glass Rocks); Little Bay. Depth range not recorded.


Sheltered reef.

Taxonomic information - synonyms and type material:

Nepanthia grandis Clark, 1928: 393, fig. 113.
Type data: holotype SAMA K152 (was E430), paratypes SAMA K151, SAMA K153 3 specimens, SAMA K557.
Type locality: South Australian coast.

Asterinopsis praetermissa Livingstone,1933: 14, pls 3(1-2), 4(2-3).
Type data: holotype AM J4793, paratypes AM J1911 1 specimen, AM J1913 1 specimen, AM J3196 1 specimen.
Type locality: Little Bay, south of Port Jackson, NSW.

J24333 Paranepanthia grandis

Paranepanthia grandis

Image: Stephen Keeble
© Australian Museum

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Additional references:

Clark (1946) (also as Paranepanthia praetermissa (Livingstone, 1933)); Rowe & Gates (1995); Edgar (1997).