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J6884 Uniophora granifera Image: Stephen Keable
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Fast Facts

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    Width 150mm


Five stubby, cylindrical, arms which taper to a blunt tip. Aboral surface covered in blunt spines and rounded tubercles which may form a zig-zag pattern along each arm, red to orange.


Temperate inshore and continental shelf areas from Northwest Solitary Is., NSW, south to Tasmania and west to Ceduna, SA. Depth range 0-143 m.

Australian Museum registration database records for the Sydney region:

Bungan Head; Port Jackson (Fairlight; south side of Dobroyd Head; Wy-ar-gine Point; Balmoral; Obelisk Bay; Green Point); Little Bay. Depth range 4-21 m.


Most common on sheltered rock surfaces.

Taxonomic information - synonyms and type material:

Asterias granifera Lamarck, 1816: 560.
Type data: type status unknown MNHP.
Type locality: Australian seas (as 'les mers australes').

Uniophora globifera Gray, 1840: 288.
Type data: holotype BMNH 1840.3.9.5.
Type locality: TAS (as Van Diemens Land).

Asterias fungifera Perrier, 1875: 337.
Type data: holotype MNHP.
Type locality: Australia (as Nouvelle-Hollande).

Asterias sinusoida Perrier, 1875: 338.
Type data: holotype BMNH 1842.11.11.12.
Type locality: Hobart, TAS.

Uniophora multispina Clark, 1928: 407, fig. 119a-b.
Type data: holotype SAMA K184 (was E441), paratype(s) SAMA K185 2 specimens.
Type locality: Henley Beach, near Adelaide, SA.

Uniophora obesa Clark, 1928: 409, figs 120a-b.
Type data: holotype SAMA K190 (was E442), paratype(s) MCZ.
Type locality: Rocky Point, Eastern Cove, Kangaroo Is., SA.

Uniophora uniserialis Clark, 1928: 413, figs 122a-b.
Type data: holotype SAMA K193 (was E444), paratype(s) SAMA K385.
Type locality: Gulf St Vincent, SA.

Uniophora granifera

Uniophora granifera

Image: Stephen Keable
© Australian Museum

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Additional references:

Clark (1946) (also as Uniophora fungifera (Perrier, 1875), Uniophora sinusoida (Perrier, 1875), Uniophora obesa H.L. Clark, 1928, Uniophora multispina H.L. Clark, 1928, Uniophora uniserialis H.L. Clark, 1928); Shepherd, S.A. (1967b); Edgar (1997).