Bequests are highly appreciated and extremely impactful to support the Australian Museum achieve its vision as being a leading voice for the richness of life, the earth and culture in Australia and the Pacific.

Our Bequest Ambassadors share their stories below on how they are investing in the future of the Australian Museum by leaving a bequest.

The generosity of individuals like Clarence E Chadwick and Patricia McDonald demonstrate the power of a bequest and the positive impact they create for future generations:

How we acknowledge your bequest:

Bequests are acknowledged on the Australian Museum website and in the Annual Report. Pledges valued at $100,000 and above are also acknowledged on the Donor Wall in the Brian Sherman Crystal Hall entrance.

To notify us of your pledged bequest, please send us a copy of the relevant extract from your Will, or a letter confirming your bequest from a solicitor.

Types of bequests you can make

Your bequest can be created according to any of the following forms:

Types of bequests
Type Explanation^
Residual After you have specified gifts for family or friends, the remainder (residual) is left to the AMF.
Percentage of your total estate You specify what percentage of your estate you leave to the AMF
Specified assets (including the proceeds of any insurance policies) You may choose to give specific assets (of the tradeable variety) to the AMF such as shares, bonds or property. You can also direct that your Executor give the proceeds of any life insurance policy or superannuation policy to the AMF. Assets of this sort may attract Capital Gains Tax.*
A specified sum of money You may choose to give a specific amount of money to the AMF

^ These explanations are general in nature and we recommend that you seek independent legal advice when making and updating your will.

* More information about Capital Gains Tax and bequeathed assets can be found on the ATO website under “deceased estates and capital gains tax”.

You may choose to designate your bequest for the general purpose of the Australian Museum, and funds will be allocated to priorities of the Museum at the time. We do recommend that you seek independent legal advice when making or updating your Will.

Alternatively, you can include a clause for a simple gift in your Will as:

"I give to the Australian Museum Foundation (ABN 64 497 967 210) (select the applicable choice [the residual of my estate] / [X% of my estate] / [name of specific asset(s)] / [specific amount of money]) for the use and benefit of the Australian Museum at its absolute discretion, free from all taxes and duties payable in respect of my death, my estate or the administration of my estate and I direct that the receipt of the Director, President or other authorised officer at the time shall be an absolute discharge to my Executor(s) for the gift."

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in creating a bequest to the Australian Museum Foundation.

Privacy Policy

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Contact us

For more information on how to leave a bequest to the Australian Museum, please contact Juliet Aldridge on (02) 9320 6417 or via for a strictly confidential discussion.