A suburban gully Click to enlarge image
A suburban gully - ideal funnel-web habitat. Image: Mike Gray
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Lots of people live in big cities and towns. Many Australian plants and animals have adapted to live with us in our gardens, buildings, parks and harbours. Find out what might live in your backyard.


Lots of animals and plants like to share our gardens with us. Some people create special habitats to encourage animals and plants to live in their yards. Ponds, bird baths and native plants are some ways to make your garden more appealing to local animals.


Harbours are sheltered ports where ships often load or unload their cargo. They can be busy places with ferries, water taxis and many other boats getting around on them.


Parks are open natural places in town and cities. There are lots of different types of parks but they all are places where plants and animals live.

High-rise buildings

Big cities often have very tall buildings. While these areas often have little native habitat left some animals still find food and shelter in the middle of the city.


Houses are not just homes for us but animals and plants often live in them too.

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