Discover the commonly encountered animals that have adapted to the ever-changing urban environment!

The urban environment has far fewer species of animals than more natural environments. But even urban areas can provide habitat for some species.

Sydney's gardens, parks, ponds, houses and buildings provide opportunities for many species to thrive. The outer suburbs, particularly those close to one of national parks that surround the city, have a great diversity of wildlife. Native plants attract insects, spiders and birds, lizards and if there is water nearby, frogs. About 37 species of native amphibians are found in Sydney.

In Sydney Harbour, there are about 130 recorded species of jellyfish, anemones and coral.

Ecosystems near urban environments are vulnerable to damaging human activity, with Sydney Harbour being susceptible to pollution from land run-off and pollution from discarded plastics and other non-biodegradables.

Learn about the more commonly encountered animals and the groups they belong to: bugs that stink, cicadas that sing, octopus, gliders, sea dragons, pelicans and much more.

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