Australia has a long history of developing amazing ideas. From First Nations innovators to the inventors of Wi-Fi, our thinkers have led the way. And now, they're taking on one of our greatest challenges: climate change.

In this new showcase, learn about inventions and innovative approaches offering positive solutions to the climate crisis. See some of the technology and practices Australians are working on to reduce pollution, create affordable and clean energy, support the richness of plant and animal life, and ensure a livable future for all.

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Exhibition highlights

Wind power

Wind became Australia’s leading clean energy source in 2019. Learn more about how advancements in onshore, offshore and micro wind turbines are offering more energy security to lead us through droughts and supply electricity to remote areas across the country.

Solar power

Australia has some of the best conditions for harnessing solar and one of the highest uptakes of solar energy in the world. Discover how Australian inventors are helping make solar even more accessible and sustainable through transparent and flexible solar-collecting plastics and solar roof tiles.

Electric transport

Electric vehicles are revving up across the world and decreasing carbon emissions to create a greener future. Explore how local innovators are making this technology more accessible with a range of home-grown options.

Hydrogen power

The world is starting to embrace hydrogen as an incredible energy source. By separating hydrogen from water, it can be safely collected, stored and transported as clean energy for use in homes and industry, trucks, planes and space rockets. An Australian group has produced the world’s first domestic hydrogen battery. With just one bucket of water, it can power your house for a day. Discover the amazing potential of this clean energy.

Cultural Burning - Caring for Country

First Nations peoples have lived in Australia for more than 60,000 years, maintaining a continuous and seamless connection with nature. Learn how traditional knowledge and methods can offer a guide to the survival of future generations.

Supporting biodiversity

Protecting the richness of the living world is central to our life support system. Find out how you can create your own backyard habitat for wildlife and help regenerate our local ecosystems.


Tiny algae are giving us new plastics, fuels, and impressive amounts of carbon capture. Delve into the many uses of this incredible resource and find out how it is being used in bioreactors that can capture as much carbon as a hectare of forest.

Seaweed farms

Seaweed grows much faster than land plants. Uncover how seaweed’s super growing properties can be harnessed to remove billions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and stop cow’s burping out methane.

Regenerative agriculture

How we farm and what we eat has a massive impact on our carbon footprint. See what Australian farmers are doing to help regenerate soil and to produce healthier food and higher yields.

Building smarter

With increasing populations and sprawling development, we need to be looking at more sustainable ways of building. Engage with exciting new materials that revive waste and reduce emissions: tiles made from broken glass and textile scraps, as well as environmentally-friendly concrete and ‘green steel’.

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