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Pink fluorite gem - reg no. D53019, and it weighs 437.40 carats (note: 1 ct is 0.2 gram). It was cut by Maria Atkinson in 2003. This specimen comes from Bundarra, near Howell, New England , NSW. It has been in the AM collection for over100yrs. Image: Stuart Humphreys
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Fluorite is a calcium fluoride that crystallises in the cubic system. It occurs in a wide range of attractive colours. However a hardness of 4, perfect octahedral cleavage and a sensitivity to sudden changes in temperature make it difficult to facet and preserve. Although rarely used in jewellery fluorite is faceted as a collector's stone.


In New South Wales, attractive emerald-green fluorite comes from Emmaville, in the New England district. Attractive fluorite crystals are found at Luina, Tasmania.