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Image: James Reece
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Fast Facts

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Omeisaurus tianfuensis was a long-necked herbivorous dinosaur that lived in herds around 175 million years ago.


Omeisaurus tianfuensis had:

  • a very long neck that helped it to grasp foliage;
  • a very large appetite (like other sauropods), possibly consuming up to one tonne of plants each day;
  • a rounded body, giving it a small surface area compared to its volume. This helped it to keep warm by reducing heat loss.

Fossils description

Omeisaurus tianfuensis was named after the mountain Emeishan, where the original fossil was found.

Evolutionary relationships

Omeisaurus tianfuensis was a sauropod belonging to the Chinese family Euhelopodidae, a group of massive dinosaurs that lived from the Late Jurassic to the Early Cretaceous.