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Image: James Reece
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Fast Facts

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Lufengosaurus huenei was a plant-eating dinosaur that lived about 195-190 million years ago. It was probably able to stand and walk on its hind legs as well as on all fours. It was a prosauropod, an early relative of the more massive sauropods. It belonged to the family Plateosauridae.


Lufengosaurus huenei had:

  • small flat teeth with serrated edges which enabled it to shred plants;
  • strong hind legs which enabled it to stand and reach leaves high up in trees;
  • short front legs that were strong enough for it to walk on all fours;
  • five digits on each limb with a large thumb claw that it may have used for defence;
  • a big tail that helped to counter-balance its body.


Lufengosaurus huenei occurred in the Early Jurassic of southwestern China near Lufeng in Yunnan province from the Lower Lufeng.

Feeding and diet

Lufengosaurus huenei was a plant-eating dinosaur.

Fossils description

This dinosaur was discovered by Dr C C Young, a Chinese dinosaur expert. He named it Lufengosaurus because it was found at Lufeng, and huenei after his teacher, F F von Huene.